Filing date has opened for city positions

   Elections will be held this fall in the City of Conrad to elect a Mayor for a four-year term.  
   The current Mayor of Conrad is John Shevlin. Two alderman (council members) will also be elected, each for a four-year term.  The alderman seats to be filled are currently held by Gary Brown in Ward 1, and, in Ward 2, Wendy Judisch.  
   Ward 1 consists of Precinct 24 and Ward 2 is Precinct 27.   
   The alderman positions not up for election this year are held by incumbents Wally McHenry from Ward 1 and L. Sandy Syvertson from Ward 2.    
   Mayor Shevlin has indicated to the I-O he will not seek re-election to a second term of office.
   Judisch told the newspaper on Friday that while she hasn’t filed for re-election yet, she is planning to run for a second term in office. Readers will recall Judisch was the first woman in Conrad to be elected to a council position.
   Brown said he is undecided and still thinking about a second term at the present. Asked if he might consider running for the mayor’s position, he said, he would not be a candidate for the mayoral office.
   The I-O also wanted to know if McHenry might toss his hat into the ring for the mayor’s seat. Councilman McHenry chuckled and said he was comfortable being an alderman and would stay in his present position.
   Syvertson, who is chairman of the city council, told the newspaper on Monday that he is not a candidate for the mayor’s position, “I’m comfortable in the alderman position.”
   In order to file for any one of the elected positions, a candidate must be 18 years of age, a resident of Montana for two years and a resident of the ward for at least 60 days prior to the date of the election.  In all cases, the individual must be a registered voter.  
   Interested persons can file for the positions on the ballot that opened on May 4.  Filing closes on July 2 at 5 p.m.  
   Candidates need to file at the office of the Clerk and Recorder in the courthouse and pay the filing fee.  
   Filing fees are based on the salary of the elected official.  In Conrad, the Mayor’s annual salary is $11,524.88 and the filing fee is one percent of the annual salary or $115.24.  
   An Alderman’s annual salary is $3,732.12 and the filing fee is one percent of the annual salary or $37.32.
   Municipal elections in Pondera County are non-partisan and no party affiliation needs to be declared.
   If a primary election is necessary, it will be held Sept. 15.  Since the election is nonpartisan, a primary may not be necessary, depending on how many candidates file for the positions.  The General election will be held Nov. 3.
   If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Clerk and Recorder’s office, located on the main floor of the courthouse, or call 271-4000.