Roofing project for Brady Fire Hall

   Wednesday morning at their regular meeting time, commissioners Sandy Broesder and Cyndi Johnson met with Roger Keith of the Pondera County Rural Fire District.
   The purpose was to discuss options of a leaking roof at the Brady Fire Hall.
   The building is owned by the county and is home to the fire trucks used by the BVFD.
   Keith had a number of proposals on hand from contractors that ranged from $3,800 for a snow seal to a metal roof and siding option of approximately $25,700.
   The age of the building is not known and it is stucco covered. Neither the county nor the district can afford to build a new fire hall.
   Keith noted that the Brady School truck barn would make an excellent fire hall, saying, “It looked to be in good shape and if it could be taken back.”
   Commissioner Broesder suggested, at this time, “Just to put a band aid on this until we can do it right.”
   Keith will check out the cost of putting a sealing on the roof and what was needed, about getting some volunteers to help put it on and will meet again with the commissioners.
   In other business before the commission, bids were open for the dismantling, moving and reconstruction of a communications tower at the Broken Pick site.
   LeAnn Hermance from Disaster and Emergency Services was on hand to open the bids.
   Three bids were received, one from Northwestern tower of Missoula for $91,635, Hi-Line Communications of Cut Bank for $83,200, using the existing tower and one for $87,200 use a new tower. The third bid came from Preferred Tank and Tower out of Evanston, Ill. for $78,500.
   Commissioner Johnson moved to take the bids under advisement for further study and comparison. That passed on a 2-0 vote.
   Commissioners moved, 2-0 vote, to approve an abatement for D. and P. Morita due to an error in assessment as a mobile home burned and was still on the tax rolls. They will received a refund for $124.20.
   A sub-contract was approved with the state Department of Public Health and Human Services for the Montanan tobacco Use Prevention Program for FY-2009-10.
   The funding of $31,930 is from federal funding, passed on to counties by the state.