Roofing project for Brady Fire Hall

   Hi-Line Recovery was designated as the county’s service provider to receive earmarked alcohol tax money for the provision of prevention outpatient and ACT services for FY-2010. Funding for this program comes from the state, based on county population.
   Johnson also moved to approve the excavation agreement requested by 3 Rivers Communications to start an excavation on and under the Hog Johnson road at the intersection of Price Road S. for the purpose of installing fiber optic telecommunications facilities to rural subscribers.
   The action passed on a 2-0 vote.
   Sheriff Tom Kuka put in a request that the commissioners approve an extension of time for the employees of the PCSO because they were not able to use their leave time due to staff shortages and weather emergencies since Jan. 1.
   State law says employees may accumulate annual vacation time totaling not more than two times the maximum number of days earned annually.
   The employee forfeits hours in excess of the two-year allowable accrual unless used by March 31 or an extension of time to use the excess is granted.
   Johnson moved and Broesder seconded an extension of time to use excess leave hours to Bev Anderson, Eddy Erickson, Shannon Gabbard, Judy Sawyer and Carl Suta. The extension passed on a 2-0 vote.
   At an earlier public hearing, there had been discussion of the potential closing of a public railroad crossing south of Brady. At that time, the commissioners took the matter under advisement until they could speak with the landowner.
   After meeting with the landowner and an on-site inspection of the property, the commissioners determined that no action would be taken at this time.
   Commissioner Johnson moved to not search health insurance premium quotes this year and to accept the renewal rates offered by the current provider, Joint Powers Trust. The motion was seconded by Broesder and passed on a 2-0 vote.
   The next regular meting of the commissioners will be on May 13, 10 a.m. in the commissioners’ office in the courthouse.