43 seniors cross the stage one last time

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
Image   Sunday afternoon 43 seniors crossed the gym stage, making one last walk to pick up their prized possession, a high school diploma.
   The commencement exercise at the high school marked the 99th time seniors have graduated.
   Kit Finlayson orchestrated the high school band in playing the processional as the seniors, one-by-one, promenaded down the gym to the stage.
   Seniors Shannalee Finlayson, Hannah Arends and Jaclyn Hanson sang the National Anthem, which was followed by Kendall Griggs, the Class of 2009 advisor, giving a short welcome to a packed gym.
   Jamie Ries, Brach Newmiller and Justin Philipps gave a graduate address and the Senior Choir, accompanied by K. Finlayson on the piano sang Seasons of Love. Jonathan Larson wrote the words and music and the song was arranged by Roger Emerson.
   Moving ever closer to the cherished moment when the diploma would be placed in their hand, the class went through the Then and Now senior class slide show, a popular segment of a baby photo of a senior, followed by their senior portrait that is set to music.
   Philipps presented the anticipating seniors and CHS Principal Ken Larson called each one up to receive their diploma from District 10 school board chairman Jan Carter.
   Guidance counselor Debbie Ostertag gave a few closing remarks and then it was a walk out for a new adventure in life for the seniors.
   As they headed out for a receiving line, each senior was presented flowers by Jaylene Harris and Alyssa Keil, a new part of the graduating ceremony.
   The 2009 class officers included J. Philipps president; Cari Vandenacre VP; Roberta Kronebusch treasurer; Kylee Schlepp treasurer; with Kelly Johns, Trent Knox and David Ratzburg being representatives.
   In alphabetical order, the Class of 2009 included:
Hannah J. Arends, Melissa R Barringer*, Kyra L. Brauer, Heidi A. Dommer, Shannalee K. Finlayson, Kaytlin G. Fowler*, Jared N. Giard, Ashley R. Greyn*, Jaclynn N. Hanson*, Sara N. Hohman, Johnathon D. Hough, Kurtis J. Janzen, Jeff W. Jerome, Colby R. Johns, Grant P. Johns, Kelly N. Johns, Gregg W. Kalbas*, Kenley B. King, Trent B. Knox*, Roberta C. Kronebusch*, Seaborn J. Larson, Stephanie M. Lee, Aaron M. Lehnerz*, Cutter C. Martin*, Stephanie M. Murphy, Eric R. Norby, Kelsey J. Ostrom*, Douglas E. Peters, Justin M. Philipps*, Sydney F. Philipps*, David E. Ratzburg, Jamie L. Ries, Josann J. Robertson*, Cameron R. Rodriguez*, Kylee M. Schlepp, Stefan D. Sommer*, Jessica L. Stuart, Riley J. Styren, Garet J. Sullivan, Cari A. Vandenacre*, Norman W. Vanderbush, Jaren L. VanDyke*, and Nikki N. Whetham.
   The asterisk after the name denotes being a member of the National Honor Society.
   With diplomas held tightly in their hands, the Class of 2009 went through the school doors to the front lawn, set for the new adventures that life after graduation will bring.