Another incredible Whoop-Up weekend

   In the one-mile run, young Keagan Stroop, Belt, crossed the line first in 7:13. The first woman was Kelly Johns, Conrad, in 9:06.
Other runners included Jim Bjelland, Jr., Conrad, Sarah Arvidson, Brady; Payton Vermulm, Conrad; Chris Vermulm, Conrad; Jeff Cox, Conrad; Kristy Stoop, Belt; Catherine Kellogg, Conrad; Jamie Christensen, Roy, Utah; Megan Lund, West Jordan, Utah; Jessie Christensen, Roy, Utah; Terri Christensen, Roy, Utah; Julie Bloomer Rabe, Brady; Karen Lee, Conrad; Chari Juneau, Dupuyer; Albert Lee, Dupuyer; Amanda Anderson, Conrad; Alicia Dailey, Conrad; Lori Kronebusch, Conrad; Chris Berg, Conrad; Jackie Berg, Conrad; Dawson Berg, Conrad; Dalayne VanDyke, Conrad; Mary Wolfrum, Conrad; Joe DeStaffany, Conrad; Linda O’Brien, Conrad; Paula Hudson, Conrad; Debbie Sturm Conrad; Ray Graf, Conrad and Jennifer Schlepp, Conrad.
    On Friday the Pondera Golf Club played host to the third annual Whoop-Up scramble golf tournament.
   The team of Shawn Brown, Lane Judisch, Ryan Eisenzimer and Cash Coleman blistered the course with a round of 60 to capture first place.
   Shooting a 63 and getting second place after a tie-breaker was the team of Greg Orcutt, Rhett Orcutt, Rocky LaSorte and Kyle Ellis.
   Settling into third place after the tie-breaker, (63) was Paul Stenerson, Tom Coleman, Bob Peters and Lynn Utterback.Results from the Stick Horse Rodeo in the Lions Club Swimming Pool Park went like this:
   Age three and under, barrel racing 1st Katie Stokes, 2nd C.J. Day Chief, and 3rd Dalton Hagen. Calf Roping: 1st Ashlee Stokes, 2nd Michael Moon, 3rd Katie Stokes.
   Age 4-5; Barrels: 1st Jason Moon; 2nd Cye Judisch; 3rd Braedon McCain. Calf Roping: 1st Jason Moon; 2nd Tatyann Rohrer 2nd; 3rd Cye Judisch.
   Age 6-7; Barrels: 1st Brianna McCain, 2nd Lauren Philipps; 3rd Preston Hagen. Calf Roping: 1st Brianna McCain; 2nd Preston Hagen; 3rd Lauren Philipps.
   Age 8-over: Barrels: 1st Chris Smock; 2nd Cassie Smock; 3rd Savannah Day Chief. Calf Roping: 1st Treat Hall; 2nd Savannah Day Chief; 3rd Chris Smock.
   Jeanette Tippet of Great Falls won the KSEN/Colgate Country Showdown Saturday at the Pondera Golf Club.
   Results from the Lions Club Whoop-Up Days NRA rodeo went like this: In the bull riding event, it was bulls 13 riders one. Ryan Howard of Whitehall scored a 47 on Saturday and that score stood up through Sunday to win the event and $1,271.82.
   Due to space limitations, the I-O is only putting in the first place winners.
   For Bareback it was Quentin McCauley 1st, of Bolder with a 79, $573.40. Saddle Bronc 1st (tie) Clint Pinkerton, Shepherd and Jon Hagen, East Helen - 74s, $726.15 each.
   Steer Wrestling 1st Jason Armstrong, Helena, 5.1, $604.04. Calf Roping-1st Brant Davis, Sand Coulee, 10.1, $565.69.
   Team Roping-1st Jason Carlson, Two Dot-John Vermedahl, 5.9, $412.99. Barrel Racing-1st Lindsay Knaff, East Helena, 17.75, $825.99. Ladies Breakaway-1st Megan Lunak, Valier, 2.8, $654.24. Junior Barrels Tylynn Retting, Rudyard, 17.68, $654.24. Junior Breakaway-Tie Celie Salmond, Choteau and Dalton Carr, Manhattan, 3.2, $100 each.  
   From the Children’s Parade, on Wheels, 1st went to Morgan Jochems and Shawnee Red; 2nd to Sable Erickson, 3rd to Jenae Johns and Keely  Byrnes.
   For Costumes, Alexandra and Madelyne Chrisco took 1st; Agathat Friede 2nd and Alana c
astner, Brianna Widhalm, Mariah Mowtown and Amanda Moulton were in 3rd.
   For Pets it was Lucas Berthelson in 1st, Molly Gianarelli and Emily Harwood in 2nd; and Tyee, Megan, Jasmine and Nash Coffman in 3rd.  In the Bikes segment, Natalie Cole got 1st; Jarek Sheperd 2nd, and Aspen Petrosky 3rd.
   For the General Parade, the grand prize, Conrad Chamber of Commerce 2009 choice award went to 4-U Collision Center.
1st went to Mickey Iverson, 2nd Red Hat Ladies, 3rd Ries, 4th Sunshine Ranch, 5th Class of ’59, and 6th Conrad Christian School.
For the Horse segment,  Gerald  Bruner took 1st, Loretta Kaufman and grandchildren 2nd, and Kim and Elaine Rice 3rd.