Bresnan sells out to 3 Rivers

   3 Rivers Communications has an agreement with Bresnan Communications to acquire Bresnan’s established cable television businesses in four north central Montana markets, with the sale tentatively scheduled to close on July 1.  3 Rivers will offer cable television in Choteau, Conrad, Fairfield and Shelby, markets where 3 Rivers already provides local telephone and broadband Internet services. The service will be promoted under the name 3RTV.
   “This acquisition allows 3 Rivers to offer what we call a triple play to customers in these markets,” said Steve Krogue, 3 Rivers’ General Manager. “Folks will be able to buy phone, Internet and video from a local company, and they’ll be able to get it all on one bill.”
   3 Rivers initially plans no changes to the current video programming lineup and pricing will remain the same.  3 Rivers will explore programming modifications based upon local customer preferences in the future. 3RTV will be offered to all customers within the coverage area of the cable facilities regardless of whether or not they are 3 Rivers telephone subscribers.
   “Our telephone and Internet services will be more attractive to current 3 Rivers and non-3 Rivers customers alike when we are able to bundle them together with video at a discounted price,” said 3 Rivers Sales and Marketing Director Terry Noyd.
   Current Bresnan customers will be notified of the impending acquisition by Bresnan. 3 Rivers will be in contact with customers with information regarding billing and other details once the sale has closed.
   For more information call Don Serido at 3 Rivers Communications, 800-796-4567, ext. 4107.