Planning contract approved
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   At a Tuesday commission meeting, the commissioners approved a planning assistance contract with James Yeagley for the FY-2009-10.
   He will receive $475 per month for services to the county concerning local and use decisions and compliance with the Montana Subdivision and Survey laws.
   The motion to approve was made by Commissioner Cynthia Johnson and seconded by Joe Christiaens.
   In other business, it was moved to approve the Montana Association of Counties Workers’ compensation Trust Agent Appointment/Service Agreement appointing Northern Montana Insurance as the county’s agent representative and Pat Greany as the agent’s designated liaison with the county and trust.
   The commission approved an agreement with the State Department of Health and Human Services whereby the formula for state reimbursement for these services is changed to comply with Montana law.
   This deals with sanitation inspection services.
   Two right-of-way forage removal agreements were approved, one requested by Ray Denney for the north and south sides of the Pondera Coulee Rd., between the Price and Mouleson School roads and the other requested by Mike Koenig for both sides of the Derby Road, parts of Healey Spring Road and Midway West Road.
   Commissioner Johnson moved to appoint Jaynie Gollehon and to reappoint Karla Styren to the Pondera Medical Center board of directors.
   Both appointments are for three year terms. Commissioner Christiaens gave it a second and the motion carried.
   The commissioners received a letter from the Dupuyer TV district board requesting that “the assessment be taken off the districts’ tax roll and dissolved.”
   It was moved to remove the assessment, beginning with the 2009 tax year and to research the dissolution process.
   This motion passed.