Tis the season to celebrate America’s 4th of July birthday bash, especially with fireworks.
   But it’s important to remember fireworks are illegal on all Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ lands.
   Every year around the 4th of July, people buy fireworks, and then look for a place out of town to shoot them off. The local fishing access site or state park presents an inviting spot. Don’t do it.
   State law says no one may set off fireworks on any FWP lands from April 1 until the opening of archery season, which is the first Saturday in September.  In addition, some FWP properties, such as Giant Springs and Ulm Pishkun state parks, are closed permanently to fireworks.
   Anyone using fireworks on FWP lands may be charged with a misdemeanor that can result in a fine up to $500.
   So have fun on July 4th and visit a state park or fishing access site. Just leave the fireworks  home.