Conrad takes first at Chester swim meet

Conrad takes first at Chester swim meet
TAKES SECOND — Intermediate swimmer Makayla Barringer is on her way to a second place in the 200IM. She also placed second in the 50 free and was 1st in the 100 breast, helping Conrad to a first place finish at the Chester meet over the weekend. Photo courtesy of Amy Salois
   The Conrad swim team was in Chester on Saturday for an invitational meet.
   It was the first swim meet in the town in over 30 years and topped their efforts in the opening of a new community swimming pool.
   Conrad had 32 athletes at the meet and came home with a first place trophy.
   Team places went like this: 1. Conrad, 2. Shelby, 3. Chester, 4. Bitterroot, 5. Fort Benton, 6. Cut Bank, 7. Chinook, 8. Fairfield, 9. Sunburst, 10. Lewistown, and 11. Plains.
   Highlighting the meet for the hometown swimmers was Dania Jones (Bantam) and Melissa Barringer (Senior) who both captured High Point honors.
   It should be noted that with a new pool, all the first place finishers set all new pool records.
   The individual places and finishes went like this:
   Dania Jones 2nd 100-IM, 1st 50- free, 1st 25-fly; Maggie Baldwin 4th 25-free, 10th 25-back, 4th 50-free; Jessica Kinamon 8th 25-free. 9th 50-free; Brooke Mycke 10th 25-back; Angel Dugan 7th 25-breast; 8th 50-free, 11th 25-back; Roper Mycke 10th 50-free, 11th 25-back; Allison Broesder 6th 25-fly.
   In the Girls’ 100 Free relay A, Dugan, Kinamon, Baldwin and Broesder placed 2nd. In the Girls’ 100 Free relay, Morgan Skinner, Rachel Skinner, Tyla Kimball, and Hayden Dugan placed 7th. In the Girls’ 100 Medley relay, Baldwin, Dugan, Broesder and Kinamon took 3rd.
   Andrea Russell 5th-100, 50 back-3rd, 50 fly-6th; Minda Baldwin 4th-100IM, 1st-50 back, 3rd-50 fly; Nicole Erickson 7th-100IM, 2nd-100 free, 5th-50 fly; Kale Larson 8th-50 free, 5th-100 free, 8th-50 back; Hunter Mycke 6th-50 free, 4th 50 back; Raelynn Jones 7th-50 free, 6th-50 breast, 6th-50 back; Ivy Kinamon 9th-50 free, 7th-100 free, 9th-50 back; Talia Stephens 2nd-50 free, 1st-100 free; Nolan Dugan-8th 50 breast, 3rd-100IM, 3rd-50 back.
   The Boys’ 100 Free relay team of R. Mycke, Larson, H. Mycke and Dugan placed 4th. The 100 Medley Boys’ team of R. Mycke, Dugan, H. Mycke, and Larson placed 3rd.
   The Girls’ 100 Free relay A team of Stephens, Russell, Jones and Baldwin swam to a 1st place. The 100 free B team of Kinamon, Mycke, R. Jones, and Naomi Yeager took 2nd.
   The Girls’ 100 Medley relay team, A, made up of Stephens, Russell, D. Jones and Baldwin placed 1st. The B team of Kinamon, R. Jones, Mycke and Yeager placed 2nd.
   The Girls’ A 100 medley team of Stephens, Russell, D. Jones and Baldwin placed 1st and the B team of Kinamon, R. Jones, Mycke, and Yeager took 2nd.
   Kyleigh Salois 4th-200IM, 8th-50 breast, 6th-50 fly; Lacey Jones 2nd-50 breast, 7th-100 free, 5th-50 back; Hailey Yeager 10th-100 free.
   The Girls’ 200 Free relay team of L.  Jones, Yeager, Erickson, and Salois placed fifth and the same team, in the 200 Medley also placed fifth.
   Kelci Watterud 6th-200IM, 10th-100 breast, 7th-50fly; Makayla Barringer 2nd-200IM, 2nd-50 free; 1st-100 breast; Taryn Erickson 9th-50 free, 3rd-100 breast, 2nd-100 fly; Jayde Richardson 2nd-100 breast, 3rd-100 free, 4th-50 fly.
   The 200 Free relay team of Richardson, Watterud, Erickson and Barringer placed second and the same team placed second as well in the 200 Medley relay.
   Jenny Silvernale 2nd-200IM, 2nd-100 breast, 2nd-100 back; Shelby DeVries 7th-50 free, 4th-100 free, 5th-100 back; Melissa Barringer 1st-50 free, 1st-100 breast, 2nd-50 fly; Kylee Schlepp 4th-100 breast, 6th-100 free, 7th-50 free.
   This weekend the swim team goes up the road to Cut Bank for their swim meet.