CofC busy with upcoming activities

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
   The Conrad Area Chamber of Commerce held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday at the Coaches Corner.
   The CofC board and members are busy working on the annual Harvest Festival which will be held in conjunction with the Conrad Centennial Celebration Oct. 2-3-4.
   While everything is not yet finalized, the Chamber will have their car show which they postponed from Whoop-Up.
   Gerald Miller who is putting the show together would like to have it on Main St. and have a portion of the thoroughfare closed for the showing.
   He noted there will be different categories, so for example, a restored vehicle will not be competing with a like car, but has not been restored.
   The beef cook-off will have different categories this year; a main dish, appetizers and desert.
   The always popular “Kiss the Pig” contest will have a new twist. The individual that has been nominated and has the least amount of money gathered will win the honor of smooching the pig.
   In the past, the person with the most money was the envy of all in the pig kisser fund-raiser.
   A new event will be coming to Conrad on Aug. 4 and it looks to be a dozy. It will begin at 4 p.m. and run until 9 p.m.
   Police Chief Gary Dent is putting together the National Night Out event which is in its 26th year and is basically a night out against crime.
   Dent told the CofC group, “We want to make this as big affair as we can.” He said federal, state and local organizations will be involved.
   It will be a time when the community can come out and interact with law enforcement.
   The MHP is scheduled to have their crash simulator on hand, the Fish and Game is going to have their TIPMONT trailer and possibly their interactive shooting range. The Border Patrol is bringing dogs down to show how they work and for demonstrations. Three different agencies have offered to have helicopters come in for the event to be held at the Conrad Lions Swimming Pool Park.
   There will be games and activities for kids and Dent is trying to arrange for a band to come and play live music.
   You will want to mark Aug. 4 down on your calendar for this event.
   In a report from the city, Mayor John Shevlin noted that proceeds from the Rhubarb Festival at Whoop-Up would go to the library.
   He said that the wastewater project is coming along, however a leak was discovered in one of the lagoons and it will cost about $30,000 to fix.
   He also noted that people have been complaining about odors from some garbage bins. Those come from non-bagged items. “With the lids down and weather warm, it doesn’t take long for things to stink,” he said.
   The mayor commended Larry and Leona Linn who did a big job of cleaning up debris from the fireworks at the ball fields. He also noted the city had received an easement for the state so that the centennial clock could go up on 4th Ave. and Main St.
   From the county, Commissioner Sandy Broesder said that Cyndi Johnson was in Washington, D.C. with other MACo members lobbying against a bill that would give the EPA jurisdiction over “all” water. The way the bill is written she explained, the EPA would have control over rain puddles in your back yard. “This is not a good bill,” she noted.
   The county is working on budgets, the roof at the community center will be done by the end of the week and the county has been allocated $21,529.84 to fund CTEP, (Community Transportation Enhancement Program) eligible projects.
   If you would like more information on CTEP or have a project in mind, contact the commissioners at 271-4010.
   The next regular meeting of the CofC is noon, Aug. 12 at The Lobby and then Sept. 9 at the Pondera Golf Club. Speakers have yet to be named.