Pondera Shooting Sports Club Trap results

Submitted by Scott Johnson
Pondera Shooting Sports Club Trap results
SHARP SHOOTER — Jared Giard takes aim at a clay pigeon as his East Slope teammates Agnes Fowler and Shawn Fowler watch on. July 15 was the last day of the PSSC Trap League. I-O Photo by Adam Jerome
   The fourth night of PSSC singles trap league was met with beautiful weather and a lot of eager shot gunners.
   Northgate Motel, Debruckyer Charolais, and numerous other individuals donated food and drink so all the shooters were able to have a burger, chips, cookies and drink with donations to the Trap Club.
   Competition has heated up with all shooters putting a polish on their game. There were three straights, 25/25 for men’s high score one from Billy McKinley, Shawn Fowler and Scott Johnson. Second high men’s score was posted by two individuals with 24/25, one was from Vern Erickson, and two were nailed by Pat Mueli, both were members of the trap club 20 to 25 years ago and they stepped out of retirement to show us all they still had it.
   Good job guys. High score for women was a 20/25 shot by Sherry Johnson (aka Betty) she also shot second high score with a 17/25. One person that showed up to shoot was Jim Lyons, an old trap shooter originally from Kansas, who blew the dust off his 3200 O/U Remington and shot very well, everyone knows Jim he works for Wilbur-Ellis.
   It looks like Porter Bench held on to their lead with 798 total but Pondera Valley was trying hard to close the gap with 741 total, third is Liberty Safe with 698. After the singles we had another Annie Oakley, 11 people stepped up to the 27 yard line and shot away. Lots of good nature ribbing, hooting and hollering went on and when the dust settled it came down to McKinley and Johnson. When the shooting stopped Billy came out the winner (I think he can see better in low light conditions), nice shooting Billy. Keep in mind that this is open to the public and anyone that wants to partake can.
   Just let someone know and we will get them in and get you shooting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, man, woman or young kid, we have a spot for you. On Thursday we poured our second set of trap sidewalks and within a week we will have our second trap up and running. This means we can handle more people, more fun in less time. This Pondera Shooting Sports Complex, has been built for the public by a lot of volunteer labor and local donations by many people and a grant from FWP, we would like to see more people take advantage of one of the nicest trap ranges along the Rocky Mountain Front.
   Fourth week scores are:
Northgate Motel ~ 167/250
   Ted Kronebusch, Brandon Philipps, Ramsey Offerdal, Jerry Riewer, Joe O’Brien.
Chad & Mikes ~ 196/250
   Chad Patterson, Mike Miller, Ken Newmiller, Shawn Fowler, Andrew Fowler.
Custom Crop Care ~ 202/250
   Bill McKinley, Pat Mueli, Dale Breding, Jim Kellogg, Fred Christiaens.
Porter Bench ~ 210/250
   Jerome Glimm, Cooper Martin, Lindsay Martin, Justin Brownell, Scott Johnson.
East Slope ~ 148/250
   Tony Fowler, Jody Fowler, Agnes Fowler, Shawn Fowler, Jared Giard.
Pondera Valley ~ 202/250
   Bruce Martin, Jim Lyons, Roger Erickson, Vern Erickson, Logan Erickson.
Liberty Safe ~ 191/250
   John Shevlin, Sherry Johnson, Ted Kronebusch, Gerald Bliss, Matt Fowler.
Dry Fork Ag ~ 207/250
   Brad Birch, Ted Kronebusch, Jim Lyons, Jerry Riewer, Scott Johnson