Commissioners approve salary increases

   The clerk and recorder deputies will continue to receive an additional $50 per month as deputy election administrators.
   Hourly rates will remain the same for season employees, public assistance clerk, temporary employees and part-time employees working fewer than 750 hours-per-year.
   Just as a side line, commissioners in Teton County have approved five percent raises for themselves on a 2-1 vote.
   In other business, the commissioners moved and passed motion, 3-0, to close Morton Ave. in Dupuyer on Aug. 1 for Grizzly Day.
   The commissioners approved the local government infrastructure grant program contract. The grant is for $147,656 and will go towards the remodeling of the new senior and Community Center.
   The funding comes through the Montana Reinvestment Act. (HB-645), the federal stimulus funding bill.
   A contract was approved with High Line Communications for labor, materials, supplies and installation of the radio tower at the Broken Pick site.
   A letter was read by Sandy Broesder from the USDA which noted that the county is designated as moderately dry. The county has the option of having the governor petition the USDA for drought assistance for producers.
   Commissioner Cyndi Johnson suggested visiting with Extension Agent Dan Picard and Duane VanDyke, from the Farm Services Agency before making a decision.
   There was discussion on the designation of funding for secure rural schools.
   In the past, the county has designated the funding to Title III, but the funding was not used and commissioners Broesder and Johnson will look into accessing the funds already designated.
   The county anticipates federal funding of about $136,000 and project applications are due by 2011. No action was taken on this item. The commissioners are going to look for more clarification.
   Joe Christiaens noted the weeds around the Valier airport farm land are getting out of control. The commission agreed to hire an individual to spray the weeds in the farm land at the airport.
   And in a show of support, the commissioners approved the county’s co-sponsorship with NACo of a proposed resolution opposing new taxes on local government(s) through federal climate revenues.
   Johnson commented that HR-2454 as passed by the House could have significant cost increases to local government(s), employers and householders at a time of income reduction and is estimated to a $22 billion cost to government(s), businesses by 2020.
   There will be no meeting on Wednesday as commissioners Broesder and Johnson are out of town at the national NACo convention in Nashville.