Swim team strokes to 2nd place at State

Swim team strokes to 2nd place at State
SENIOR SWIMMER — Melissa Barringer has numerous pool records and is an 11-year team member. She is a three-time state champion in the breast stroke and will be attending Whitman College in the fall on a swimming scholarship. She is with her parents Craig and Carla Barringer. Photo courtesy of Amy Salois
   The Conrad swim team with 43 athletes among the 704 who participated at the state swim meet in Roundup over the weekend placed second in the A Division.
   The top six places looked like this: 1. Chinook, 2. Conrad, 3. Scobey, 4. Chester, 5. Glasgow, and 6. Columbia Falls.
   Coach Carole Jones commented to the I-O on the team’s effort, “This is an incredibly dedicated and hard working group of young men and women, and while we don’t have a lot of boy swimmers, those that chose to step up, swam like champions and we expect more from them in the future.”
   Talking about the lady swimmers, Jones went on to add, “Even when you combine all the towns, pitting us against the larger AA teams, this was the second best girl’s team in the water this year at State.”
   Jokingly she said, “The only thing this group of girls swimmers could do better is recruit more boy swimmers.”
   Coach Llew Jones said, “The swim team motto is that ‘Success is a journey, not a destination’ “.  “What a fine journey this year has been,” he added, “But we are not done, we will take a little break, and then we will begin next year’s journey.”
   For this final swim story, for the individual results, we are going to begin with the end, the Seniors.
   Melissa Barringer 2nd-50 free, 1st-100 breast, 9th-50 fly; Jenny Silvernale 5th-200IM, 5th-100 breast, 2nd-100 back; Laura Linn 8th-50 fly; Kylee Schlepp 9th-100 fly.
   In the 200 Free Relay, the team of Silvernale, Schlepp, Shelby DeVries, and Barringer placed fourth. The 200m Medley team of Silvernale, Barringer, Linn and Schlepp placed second.
   Dania Jones 4th-100IM, 4th-25 fly, 3rd-50 free; Blake Larson 12th-50 free, 10th-25 back; Brooke Mycke 10th-25 breast; Jessica Kinamon 7th-25 free, 8th-50 free.
   The 100m Medley relay team of Jones, Mycke, Allison Broesder and Kinamon placed third.
   Andrea Russell 12th-100IM, 4th-50 back, 8th-50 fly; Minda Baldwin 7th-100IM, 2nd-50 breast, 7th-50 fly; Hunter Nesbo 11th-50 free, 5th-50 back; Hunter Mycke 10th-50 free, 9th-50 back, 9th-50 fly; Talia Stephens 4th-50 free, 3rd-100 free, 1st-50 back. Stephens set a pool record with her win in 40:41. The old record of 40:87 was set in 1998. Raelynn Jones 12th-50 free, 8th-50 back; Nicole Erickson 9th-100 free.
   The boys’ 100 free relay team of Nesbo, Nolan Dugan, Parker Larson and Mycke placed seventh. The boys’ 100 Medley relay team of Nesbo, Dugan, Mycke and Larson also took seventh.
   Krista Judisch 11th-50 back; Lacey Jones 5th-50 breast.
   Jayde Richardson 11th-50 free, 8th-100 breast, 8th-100 free; Makayla Barringer 3rd-50 free, 1st-100 back, 6th-50 fly; Taryn Erickson 12th-100 breast, 10th-100 fly; Skylar Shirley 12th-100 fly.
   The 200m free relay team of Richardson, Kelci Watterud, Erickson and Barringer placed eighth, and the 200m medley relay team of Barringer, Erickson, Richardson and Shirley were in sixth place.
   The Seniors swimmers and their parents included Laura Linn and parents Jamey and Shawne Linn, 13 years; Melissa Barringer and parents Craig and Carla Barringer 11 years; and Jenny Silvernale and parents John and Sandy Silvernale, 11 years; Kylee Schlepp and parents Rollie and Jennifer Schlepp, six years.
   Linn has been swimming for 13 years on the team and plans to join the Armed Forces.
   Barringer is a state champion three years running in the beast stroke, a state runner-up in the 50 free and holds a number of pool records. She will be attending Whitman College this fall on a swimming scholarship.
   Silvernale was state runner-up in the backstroke this and holds 15 pool records. She plans on attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas next year.
   Kylee Schlepp plans on attending Carroll College in Helena.
   All of these senior girls and their leadership will be missed at the Conrad pool.