Farm and Ranch Golf tournament a big success

Farm and Ranch Golf tournament a big success
TOTAL CONCENTRATION — Larry Martin takes aim as he gets set to toss a shot in the horseshoe tourney at the Pondera Golf Club on Friday. He came on to place first in the shoe pitching contest. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler
   The Pondera Golf Club was the place to be last Friday.  Along with the annual Conrad Farm and Ranch Golf tournament there was also a Horseshoe Tournament.
   The Farm and Ranch had their best showing in quite a few years as they saw over 28 four member teams sign up to play a little golf.
   This year there were a few differences than in the past.  The tournament, which usually takes place in June, was moved back to late July to better accommodate schedules.  The format was also tweaked a little bit.  Instead of just a regular scramble format the powers that be decided to make it a step-away-scramble.
   This decision was made to try and speed up the golf with that many teams participating.  In a step-away-scramble the person with the best shot must sit out until the rest of their team makes it to the green at which time they are allowed to putt with the rest of their squad.
   The new format made for a quicker day and higher scores all around.  Sitting in first place at the end of the day was the team of Ryan Eisenzimer, Lane Judisch, Brandon Coryell, and Jon Coryell with a 12 under par 60.
   Sitting far back in second place was the team of Ross Johnson, Joe Pearson, Skylar Orcutt, and Jeremiah Pearson with a 6 under 66.
   The Horseshoe Tournament which got under way at 1 p.m. was eventually won by Larry Martin of Conrad.  The participants were few but the competition was fierce all the way around.
   The proceeds of the day went to the PGC irrigation fund.