City honors employee and two volunteers

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
City honors employee and two volunteers
CITY EMPLOYEE — Jerry Stubbs was recognized for going above and beyond the normal duty in helping an individual with a odor problem in a trash bin. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler
   The council, at the regular Monday meeting, recognized city employee Jerry Stubbs for going above and beyond the normal duty in helping an individual with an odor problem in a trash bin.
   Two volunteers at the Conrad Public  Library (CPL) were also given certificates of appreciation for their selfless duty there.
   Pam Keller has made a career of helping at the CPL. She began her duty at the library  the day after Mount St. Helen’s blew its top on May 29, 1980. That’s almost 30 years ago.
   She has survived five library directors in that time. She keeps all the newspapers in order keeps all the files updated in the vertical files and fills in at the main desk. “Her dedication and time spent at our library is geatly appreciated,” said Carol Donath, librarian.
   Phillip Whaley has lived here his entire life and came to volunteer at the library 12 years ago, then under the direction of Darlene Drishinski.
   He comes in three times a week to put away all the books in the upstairs portion of the library. “He does a wonderful job,” noted Donath.
   In other business before the council, three building permits were approved; one at 509 S. Delaware for windows, one at 206 S. Maryland for another wind turban, and one a 107 S. Minnesota for an addition.
   The Education Foundation put in a request to close the street (Illinois) in front of the high school from 4th Ave. SW to the parking lot at the high school after the opening home football game with Bigfork on Sept. 11.
   There will be an outdoor barbecue and tours of the school and new gym area. Aldermen passed the request.
   There was to be a public bid opening for a new city truck at 8 p.m. However, no bids were received. Councilman Gary Brown wanted to see the “bid specs” to see why there were no bids. Further discussion and action was tabled until more information was gathered.
   There were three requests for funds from the Genevieve Reiken Anderson Trust Fund.
   One came from the library for $5,000 for new books, another was from Public Works for $11,000 to go towards the irrigation system in Conrad Lions Swimming Pool Park and $1,000 was requested by the Pondera Arts Council (PAC). No action was taken on the requests by the council. They will gather more information for the next meeting.
   The city received a $7,400 grant to go towards the purchase of a fire truck. Readers will recall that funding was already allocated, so this grant will go into a revolving fund.
   In addition, a Rural Development Community Service grant of $16,145.91 has been awarded to the city. In the past, money from this grant has gone to places such as the museum or for bike paths. Funds will be used for the theatre marquee.
   Council members also postponed any action on a weed ordinance and the purchase of buying advertising in a Pondera County historical book until further information can be received.
   Chief Gary Dent reported that the Police Department had 155 calls for service in July.
   In part, there were three domestic situations, a number of fireworks complaints, 18 misdemeanor arrests, various assists to the ambulance and fire crews and the PCSO.
   Public Works Director Rich Anderson said his crews were working the alleys, have replaced the urinal that was damaged by fireworks, at the ball field, reported a chemical pump at the pool went bad, and noted that work at the wastewater plant is coming along well.
   The next regular meeting of the council will be July 17, 7:30 p.m. in city hall at 411-1/2 S. Main.