Recycling round table on Aug. 18

Submitted by Adele Stenson
Recycling round table on Aug. 18
FAMILY OF GOATS — Looking down of the edge of a rocky precipice these mountain goats appear to be pondering their next move. Photo courtesy of Joan Farnstrom Editors Note: We understand that these goats have not much to do with recycling, but the picture was just too nice to not share!
   Recycling is a concept that has been around for a long time. In rural Montana, it has traditionally been a challenging concept to put into practice due to the lack of recycling opportunities in our small communities. There is an effort in this region to change that reality and make it easier to recycle and reduce the amount of waste in our landfills.
   For anyone who is interested in recycling, for profit and/or as a community service, a Recycling Round Table meeting will be held on Aug. 18, at 7 p.m. at the Utterback Middle School library in Conrad, located at 201 S. Maryland.
   The purpose of the discussion is to bring in some folks with expertise in the recycling field, who can answer questions and provide guidance to area residents who are working to develop recycling opportunities in this region.
   Dusti Johnson, of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, will be on hand to discuss recycling markets, potential new opportunities, and some brand new grant funding that will be available to private, non-profit and governmental recycling entities. She is heavily involved in the recycling programs throughout the state and has a great deal of knowledge to share.
   Merle and Mona Shortman, of M&M Recycling in Cut Bank, will also be featured speakers at the gathering. They have been in the recycling business for only about three years, but they have learned a lot in that time, and are willing to share anything that may help others.
   In addition, there will be varying levels of recycling experience within the participants, and they will be encouraged to share knowledge throughout the evening as people have the chance to ask questions and develop new concepts.
   The Round Table is free and open to everyone. The Pondera County Extension Office would appreciate a phone call or email if you plan to attend, so they can gauge the number of people for which to prepare. You may call the office at (406) 271-4054, or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The event is sponsored by the Pondera County Recycling Coalition.
   Another project the Coalition has taken on, in cooperation with MSU Extension offices in Pondera, Toole and Glacier counties, and the Blackfeet Reservation is developing a regional recycling flyer. This 2-page publication will attempt to list all recycling opportunities in Pondera, Toole and Glacier counties. Anyone with information to submit for this flyer should contact Adele Stenson at the number or email above by Aug. 14.
   The Pondera County Recycling Coalition is also proud to announce the results of the Whoop-Up Aluminum Drive.
   Nearly 600 pounds of aluminum was collected. Collection sites were located in several places around the community.  A 40 cubic yard container was placed at the Pondera Village Shopping Center as well as smaller dumpster size containers at the rodeo grounds and plastic barrels placed at various locations on Main Street.
   At 20 cents a pound the take was 120 dollars, not bad for material that would otherwise cost to throw away in the landfill. Proceeds will be split between the 4-H club and the coalition to use as “seed” money to continue our efforts at getting a bona fide recycling program off the ground.
   The coalition decided to start with aluminum since it is recognized as an easily recyclable commodity. Many other materials are recyclable, including steel (tin) cans, glass, newspaper, office paper and cardboard. 
   Present economic conditions have depressed prices for these commodities but it still costs to throw them away.