Main Street business closing their door

Main Street business closing their door
SOON TO BE — Kim Lettenga, owner of the Super Dollar Store at 412 S. Main, is closing down her shop after over eight years of being in business. She notes that the economy and a personal situation were factors in her decision to liquidate her business. I-O Photo by Buck Traxler
   After eight years of being in business, the last year and half on Main Street, the Super Dollar Store will be closing up shop.
   Originally Kim Lettenga opened her Dollar Store on 4th Ave., across the street from Olson’s Drug.
   Eventually the need came for her to downsize her business. The store area in a former hardware store was just too big.
   Lettenga moved her business around the corner to 412 S. Main Street to a smaller location and changed her inventory. And while a number of items remained at $1, for the most part the new inventory slightly increased in price.
   In regards to closing her shop, she told the I-O “There just isn’t enough volume now and some months it’s a struggle just to pay the rent.”  She went on to add, “The economy has certainly made an impact, and I wonder a little if the move to this new location didn’t make a bit of a difference.”
   While she was at the 4th Ave. location, there was some overflow from Olson’s Drug. “People would come in and browse around while waiting for a prescription,” she said, “or just stop by after being in there.”
   Another factor in her decision is that she is needed at home. Lethbridge, Canada is where she is originally from and her 77-year-old mother “needs to have me there. She is still a ‘doer’, but she’s had a tough year and I just can’t zip up there for a weekend and zip back to Conrad and run the business.”
   In addition, her son Zack wants to go to college next year in Lethbridge.
   There is not yet an exact target date to put a permanent closed sign in the window.
   “What’s here is here and nothing new is being ordered,” she said. Lettenga is going to sell off what is in stock, along with a lot of shelving with sale prices beginning this week.
   “These past years have been one heck of an experience,” she says, adding, “I love being in Conrad and having my kids grow up here, leaving is not going to be a joy.”