Dear fellow OHV riders/snowmobilers

   We are Jim and Julie Fortune, appealants in the Badger/Two Medicine motorized closure.  We are asking everyone who disagrees with this closure to help us fight it.  
   We belong to a group called Citizens for Balanced Use (CBU), which has graciously offered to fund our litigation against the Forest Service.     This will begin soon, as we are hoping to get an injunction to keep the Forest Service from implementing the closure of this area pending the outcome of litigation.
   Chances are slim, but we are still going to try.  Hopefully we will be able to get this done before the Oct. 1 closure date.
   There are 16 different individuals or groups who have had their appeals denied, but still have standing with the Forest Service.
   The attorney for CBU is now from Helena and has made one trip up with us and plans to make many more.  As we all know, a lawsuit of any kind takes money.  We are asking you to at least get a CBU license plate at your local court house, or if you are able to help out with a contribution it is of course tax deductable and would be greatly appreciated.
   If you would like to be on the contact list, you can contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
   We have accurate information for those that are interested.  Please consider these suggestions.  These people making these decisions for us have no consequences for their actions.  We can’t be reactive and expect results.  We have to make noise and be very vocal.  Please help us save our Badger/Two Medicine for future generations
Jim & Julie Fortune, East Glacier
New travel requirements for Badger/Two Medicine
   New motorized travel plan requirements which significantly reduce motorized travel in the Badger-Two Medicine Area will go into effect on Oct. 1.  
   “We will begin implementing the new travel plan requirements for the Badger-Two Medicine area on Thursday, Oct. 1” said Mike Munoz, Rocky Mountain District Ranger.  “We chose to implement the new travel plan effective Oct. 1 to give us time to spread the word to the public this summer, to answer their questions, and to get the entry points properly signed to reflect the significant changes.”  
   The new travel plan continues to provide several motorized access points to the area and limited motorized opportunities for cutting firewood and dispersed camping.  The new travel plan does not allow any motorized over-the-snow use.
   The decision to implement these new travel plan requirements in the Badger-Two Medicine area was released this past spring and was administratively appealed by 21 individuals desiring more motorized use than provided for in the new decision.  
   The Badger-Two Medicine travel decision was reviewed and upheld by the Deputy Regional Forester earlier in the summer, clearing the way to begin implementing the new plan on the ground.  
   The new map may be viewed online at  The map is found within the link titled “Lewis and Clark National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)” and is identified as the map valid Oct. 1 in the Rocky Mountain Ranger District portion of the MVUM information.  Copies of the new map will also be available at Forest Service offices.
   The existing MVUM for the Badger-Two Medicine area will be invalid after Sept. 30.  For additional information on the new Badger-Two Medicine travel plan, contact the Rocky Mountain Ranger District Office at 466-5341 or the Lewis and Clark National Forest Supervisor’s Office at 791-7754.