Monahan spearheads recycling at schools

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter
Monahan spearheads recycling at schools
LITTLE RECYCLERS — Last Friday was the first pickup day of paper recycling at the Meadowlark School. A student from each class was chosen to dump their first week’s paper collections. From the left in front are Caitline Bonser, Audrey Taylor, Braden VandenBos and Tatyana Rohrer. In the second are Jonna Myre, Shaylar MacGillivray and Natalie Broesder. Third Row- Aaron Kleinsasser, Max Richey and Tristin VandenBos. In the back are Jayleen Harris, Brandon Philipps, Bethany Grubb, Front Line Representative Joe Flesch and of Prewett Excavating and Construction, Juanita and Ron Prewett. I-O Photo by Adam Jerome
   Ever since she retired from teaching, Carey Monahan has wanted to bring recycling to the Conrad area.  After sitting in on a recycling roundtable sponsored by the Pondera County Recycling Coalition in late August, Monahan decided that it was time.
   After learning that 33 percent of all waste in the landfills nationwide is made up of paper products and noticing the recycling efforts at UMS she decided that she would like to bring paper recycling to all the schools in Conrad.
   Monahan explained her decision, “After I found out that our landfill is sending 200 tons of waste a year over what the city is being assessed I realized what an important part the school system could play in reducing that amount.”
   After receiving generous donations from Kenny and Jackie Wheeler of Frontline Ag and Mayor John Shevlin, she was able to purchase receptacles for every classroom in the elementary schools and the high school.
   Monahan explains her effort in the schools, “I believe if we can instill recycling values in our kids at an early age they will be lifelong recyclers.”
   Every week there will be a pick-up at the Meadowlark School.  Ron and Juanita Prewett have donated their time to transport the paper to Front Line Ag where it will be picked up by Pacific Steel and Recycling and taken to Great Falls.
   In another development, the community will be allowed to bring their old newspapers to recycle at Meadowlark on the first Friday of every month.  Watch the I-O for more details on the newspaper recycling.
   Monahan also wants to point out that there are other recycling efforts in dire need of volunteers, including for yard waste pick-up.  If anyone is willing to help, contact Adam Jerome at The Independent-Observer.