Centennial aluminum can drive

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter
Centennial aluminum can drive
PESTICIDE DISPOSAL PROGRAM — Homeowners in Pondera County were able to deliver, along with landowners, nearly 2,900 pounds of unwanted chemicals and containers at mini-collection sites at CHS in Valier and Mountain View Coop Fertilizer. Mountain View Fertilizer Manager Joel Farkell delivered all the pictured pesticides to the main collection site in Great Falls. The Waste Pesticide Program is administered by the Montana Department of Agriculture and is held in the region every three years. This local effort was sponsored by the Pondera County Recycling Coalition, Pondera County Extension Office, Mountain View Coop Fertilizer and CHS. Photo Courtesy of Joel Farkell
   Start saving your cans, because the Pondera County Recycling Coalition (PCRC) is at it again.  Starting on Sept. 28 and through Oct. 4 the PCRC is sponsoring another aluminum can drive.
   The last aluminum drive held over Whoop-Up days was largely a success.  PCRC collected over 600 pounds of aluminum.  This time they want to eclipse that mark, so they need your help.
   On Sept. 28 there will be a large trailer parked at the Pondera Village Shopping Center for you to take your bagged-up cans.  It does not matter if they are crushed or not.  
   Mike Townsend of Conrad Salvage and Recycling has agreed to buy the cans as the PCRC has made its mission to keep recycling local.  Townsend has also provided the trailer free of charge.  
   Along with the trailer there will be seven recycling cans lined up and down the streets during the parade on Saturday.  PCRC can’t stress enough that these are not garbage cans and only aluminum is to be deposited in the receptacles.
   Then on Sunday these same cans will be out at the motocross track during their event to help decrease some of the clean-up that goes on after the races.
   All proceeds go to the PCRC to purchase permanent recycling receptacles for the County.
   The Conrad landfill continues to accept five tons of garbage a week over what the city is being assessed.  This aluminum drive is a great way to get the assessment closer to what it should be.
   Another successful PCRC sponsored event was the pesticide disposal program.  Nearly 2,900 pounds of unwanted chemicals and containers were collected.  Joel Farkell, Manager, Mountain View Fertilizer was generous enough with his time to deliver all these unwanted products to the main collection site in Great Falls last Tuesday.