Mayor to run as write-in; mail ballot information

   Incumbent Mayor John P. Shevlin has filed as an official declared write-in candidate for the November election.
   Votes for Shevlin and for any other declared write-in candidate, will count, as long as the full name is present and the box is checked. No votes will be counted for undeclared write-in candidates.
   The aldermen races in Conrad each have a candidate who filed by the filing deadline.
   In this case, if you are a voted in Ward 1, Karla Breding will be listed on your ballot. Breding was appointed to fill the seat of Gary Brown who resigned and is running for the first time.
   In Ward 2, Wendy Curry Judisch will be on the ballot seeking a second term on the council.
   Since there are candidates who filed for these offices, no undeclared write-in votes will be counted.
   There is still the possibility of a declared write-in for each of these offices and in that event, the votes for the candidate printed on the ballot as well as the votes for the declared write-in would be counted.
   Remember, with a write-in candidate, a vote is not a vote unless the full name is written on the line and the box is checked.
   If the box is not checked the vote cannot be counted whether the person is a declared write-in candidate or undeclared.
   In Valier, the ballot will be completely blank as no candidates filed for any of the positions.
   There is one declared write-in candidate for the position of Mayor and that is McKenzie A. Graye.
   For the alderman position in Ward 1, Rodney J. Christiaens has filed as a declared write-in candidate. Another individual also filed as a declared write-in candidate; however, he did not meet the residency requirements to represent Ward 1.
   There are neither candidate filings nor declared write-in candidates in Ward 2 in Valier
   Applying the laws to counting votes in the Valier election, votes for Graye will count for mayor and no votes for undeclared write-ins can be counted. In Ward 1, votes for Christiaens will count but no undeclared write-in votes will count.
   In Ward 2 of Valier, no one filed either as a candidate or as a declared write-in candidate.
   Unless a person files as a declared write-in by the Oct. 8 deadline, all undeclared write-in votes will be counted.
   The person receiving the most votes will be notified and if he or she qualifies for and accepts the position, the person will be declared elected.
   In the event the person does not qualify or accept the position, the council will appoint a person to fill the vacancy on the council.
   Having gone through the candidates, voters will note that both Conrad and Valier will conduct their elections by mail ballot. Ballots will be mailed directly to the active registered voters in the municipalities on Oct. 13.
   Voted ballots must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder office prior to 8 p.m. Nov. 3.
   Vote counting starts at 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 at the main floor of the courthouse.
   Ballots are mailed to active voters. If you believe you are entitled to vote in the city elections and do not receive a ballot, you may not be registered at all or you have been marked inactive due to no voting in the November 2008 general election.
   Regular registration closes on Oct. 5, 5 p.m. If you miss this regular registration deadline, you may still register for the election by appearing at the county election office up to and including election day.
   This is the late registration process. Inactive electors may reactivate by appearing at the county election office in order to vote.
   Since this is a mail ballot election, if the ballots have not yet been mailed when you register or reactivate, your ballot will be mailed with Oct. 13 mailing.
   If the ballots have been mailed and you late register or reactivate, you will receive your ballot at the time of your visit to the Clerk and Recorder’s office.
   If you will not be in the area to receive your ballot and would like it mailed to a different address, please notify the Clerk and Recorder’s office and provide a mailing address for your ballot.
   If you have questions do not hesitate to contact the Clerk and Recorder’s office in the courthouse. The phone number is 271-4000.