Centennial geocaching for history

   For the Centennial Celebration, Jennifer Schlepp has set up and hidden some History items for the technology minded folks.

   You will need a GPS devise to  Geocaching, which is a worldwide scavenger hunt where people find caches using GPS.
   Following  are some the cashes that will be set for Saturday;
   Lugnite N48.10.203 W 111.56.668, “3r’s#1” N 48.10.128 W 111.56.930, “Building Blocks” N 48.09.809 W111.56.929, “City Limits” N48.10.058 W111.57.573, “3r’s #2” N 48.10.311 W 111.56.850, and “Pre-Conrad” N 48.10.000 W111.56.304 .
   When you find a cache, sign the log book and if you have something to trade, exchange for one of the items in the cache.
   Happy hunting with technology and have fun learning some history of Conrad. 

Street blocked for celebration
   Motorists need to be aware that on Friday and Saturday, parts of Main St. and 4th Ave. will be blocked off for the Conrad Centennial Celebration.
   Friday, parts of 4th Ave. and Main St. will be blocked off for the dedication of the clock, from about 5 to 6:15 p.m.
   If you park your car on Main St. for the parade on Saturday, you are asked to remove it immediately after the parade because the 300-400 blocks are going to be roped off for the Auto Show and vendors.