Local riders take top honors at races

Local riders take top honors at races
FIRST PLACE — Justin Prewett sails through the air on his ATV at a meet in Bozeman earlier this racing season. Prewett captured first place overall in the ATV Junior Class. Photo courtesy of Julie Prewett
   Riders of all ages and skills, from beginners to pros raced in 11 different towns in Montana over the racing season.
   The top local racers on the year were Justin Prewett 1st; Tanner Dyer 2nd place for the ATV Pro Class, Austin Prewett 1st place and Ajay Dyer in 3rd place ATV Junior Class.
   In addition, over 300 members of the HCMA voted and selected the Rocky Mountain Ricers Club (Conrad) the “Track of the Year.”
   Some towns held two-day events with classes ranging from 50cc Peewee bikes to Vet 50+ classes, vintage Pro bikes and three ATV classes.
   The day starts with a train whistle at 6:45 a.m. letting riders know they need to attend a riders’ meeting.
   Then there is a practice for all 29 race classes with the race motos starting right after the practices.
   Each racer competes in two race motos a day. Pro classes have 18-minute motos, Intermediate classes are 15-mnutes, the women’s class is 12 minutes, the junior ABC and Peewee classes are 10-minutes.
   There were exciting battles for racers to place in and with the other riders it was fun to watch.
   With the bermed corners, attacking whoop sections, the launching off hills, catching air off tabletops, double and triple and step-up jumps, there were exciting races to view.
   All year long residents joined in their area races and did well in their respective class.
Editor’s note:  This article and photos were done and submitted by Julie Prewett.