Shevlin seeks 2nd term as mayor on write-in

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
Shevlin seeks 2nd term as mayor on write-in   Incumbent Mayor John Shevlin is seeking a second term as the city father.
   Originally he planned to step aside after one term and spend more time with his family, in particular his grandchildren.
   However, it appeared that no one was going to step up and take the reins as mayor, the sign-up period had passed, so at the urging of many folks, Shevlin declared himself an official write-in candidate.
   Sixty-four years ago, he entered the world in Great Falls and was raised in Miles City where he graduated from high school and attended Miles City Community College.
   He served for two years in the  Navy Reserve and finally retired from Buttrey Foods after 30 years of service. Today he owns and operates Liberty Safes of Conrad.
   Shevlin has been active with the Boy Scouts of America since 1968. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and has been awarded the Silver Beaver award, the highest honor given for volunteer service. He has served for two years as the BSA Council Commissioner, District Commissioner for four years and Council Popcorn Chairman for four years.
   In addition he is a member of the Knights of Columbus and while a member of the Jaycees he won a number of awards. He is a certified scuba diver and has volunteered his instructor skills to train Search and Rescue teams.
   Besides scuba diving, he likes car and coin collecting, trap shooting, hunting, collecting antiques and spending time with his family, “especially my grandchildren,” he adds.
   Shevlin has been the Mayor of Conrad for the past 46 months.
   While serving in that capacity, he has been the chairman of the Tri-City Interlocal and the Northern Transit Interlocal board.
   He is an active member and serves on the board of the Pondera Historical Association and the board of the Pondera Shooting Sports Club.
   He has also been able to attend all the mayor’s conferences, Montana League of Cities and Towns meetings and rural water conventions.
   Asked about his qualifications for the office, He noted, “With 35 years in the retail grocery business, five years with Safeway and 30 with Buttrey Foods, I have developed outstanding leadership skills with employees and with the public.”
   He sees the biggest problem with Conrad (and the county), “is a lack of tax base. We will continue to work to attract green businesses to our area.”
   Shevlin  goes on to add, “We feel that our progressive positioning of public utilities, water and sewer will make Conrad an attractive place for small businesses.”
   In making a prediction, the mayor commented that “before long water will be worth more than land.”
   He and his wife Penny have been married for 43 years. They have two sons and five grandchildren.
   In closing he said, “I look forward to another team as mayor of Conrad.”