Wastewater treatment plant 90 percent done

Wastewater treatment plant 90 percent done
DRYING BED — A heavy duty caterpillar picks up dirt at the new wastewater site just outside of Conrad. This shows the drying bed under-drain collection pipe being made ready for installation. Courtesy of Bill Strong-M&M
   The construction of the Conrad wastewater treatment plant, which started on May 26 is just over 90 percent completed.
   Crews have continued working on exterior portions of the construction, such as piping and manhole installation in an effort to get as much done as possible before the cold weather sets in, says Mayor John Shevlin.
   The Conrad Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade increased the average flow the plant can handle by .50 million gallons a day.
   The one-year construction project is being done by Dick Anderson Construction out of Great Falls.
   The upgrade at the plant includes a new main treatment building to house the plant headwork’s including grit removal and fine screening, ultraviolet disinfection, a rotary drum thickener for solids handling, process aeration equipment, an office/laboratory, a bathroom, utility room, and a new truck storage bat.
   In addition, the upgrades include Parshall flumes for influent and effluent flow measurement; an activated sludge system including an earthen basin with a floating lateral fine bubble aeration system; a recycle activated sludge (RAS) system; and two new clarifiers for secondary clarification; an earthen basin aerobic digester with floating aspirating jet aerators, new sludge drying beds, and all associated plant piping and miscellaneous work.
   Currently the aeration basin and aerobic digesters are completely excavated and have been rough graded. Other work such as fine grading of the side berms (a strip of ground along a dike) and placement of the bedding material will be completed before the membrane liner and process equipment is installed.
   Concrete work on the two secondary clarifiers is just about complete and the outside of the tanks are in the process of being backfilled.
   Grout placement on the interior slab will be completed after the clarifier equipment is installed. The installation of this equipment is scheduled to take place within the next two months.
   The sludge drying beds concrete divider walls have been placed and backfilled; and the under drain pipe installation is nearly complete.
   Once the drying beds have been completely backfilled and the sub grade has been compacted, a three inch lift of asphalt will be placed to allow for easy removal of the dried sludge.
   The main treatment building has begun to take shape with the placement of the concrete base slab taking place last week.
   The metal building materials are stored onsite and the erection of the building is expected to begin next week.
   With the completion of this building, work will be able to progress on the interior pipe and equipment installation when the weather stands in the way of outside construction activities.
Editor’s note: This story was prepared for the I-O by Neal LeVang. The photograph was furnished by Bill Stong, Inspector for the project. Both work for Morrison Maierle, Inc out of Helena, the engineering firm for the project.