Council pens up chicks for now

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor
   Don’t count your eggs before they are hatched. Any decision about having an ordinance for or against backyard chicks went into a holding pattern Monday night.
   Discussion on whether or not to allow chicks was non-committal by council members. Mayor John Shevlin noted that the city of Bozeman really has a problem with chicks now. Former Mayor Thomas Hammerbacker was on hand and spoke up, telling the council, “I’m totally opposed to it” (allowing backyard chicks).
   Council members have a packet of information to review for a decision to be made at the next regular meeting on Nov. 2.
   Councilwoman Wendy Judisch gave a quick report on the library funding. She noted that the county commissioners will leave the voted levy alone and as is, 57 percent to Conrad and 43 percent to Valier.
   They will distribute the discretionary funding, to be split at 62.25 percent to Conrad and 38.75 percent to Valier. “It’s a help,” she noted.
   There was some talk about noxious weeds but no action was taken. Judisch commented to her fellow aldermen that, “We need to make sure we define them (weeds) properly and make sure we enforce the ordinance.”
   Public Works Director Rich Anderson told the council that, “most of the time we can enforce it,” adding, “we have 120-130 weed letters a year.”
   The council members will be working on a weed ordinance to come out at a later date.
   A change order for three items for the wastewater project, totaling a little over $16,000 was brought up, but not voted on. Action for this item will take place at the next council meeting.
   Financial reports from Agnes Fowler were accepted, there was a report on the progress of the I-15 overpass with more to come, also at the next meeting, and an approval to allow alderman Wally McHenry to leave the state for more than 10 days.
   The next regular meeting of the council will be Nov. 2 at city hall, 411-1/2 S. Main Street at 7:30 p.m.