Wolf hunting season is closed

Wolf hunting season is closed  Dr. Shawn Nesbo of Conrad was one of the, less than 100, lucky hunters who was able to harvest a wolf in Montana’s first season.

   On Nov.1, he and a friend were retrieving a bull elk he brought down west of Augusta. This gray and white wolf, all of sudden, popped up in a clearing about 60 yards away from them. The male wolf weighed in at about 72 pounds and was checked in at the Augusta station.
    The wolf hunting season came to a close on Monday. Ron Aasheim of FWP said that 15,600 licenses had been sold and all but 89 went to Montana residents, raising a little over $325,000. 

   If you hold a license for a wolf and haven’t bagged one yet, you will have to wait for the next season.
   Wolf hunting in Montana  closed statewide Nov. 16, at one half-hour after sunset.
   The order halting the hunt came after Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials received word that the pre-established harvest quota for wolves in WMU-2 had been met and was expected to be met in WMU-1.  
   WMU-3 was closed on Oct. 26. Montana’s statewide quota was 75 wolves.
   For more information, visit FWP’s web site at fwp.mt.gov click “Montana Wolf Hunt,” or call the toll-free number at 1-800-385-7826.