Contractors not responsible for results of road use

   At the last regular meeting of the commissioners, Chairman Sandy Broesder and Joe Christians along with John Stokes, county road supervisor, met with Mitch Kellogg in regards to road damages to Healy Springs Road and the intersection at West Valley Road.
   It appears contactors, hauling gravel from the Midway Colony pit, have caused road damages and are not practicing dust mitigation and causing a safety issue.
   Commissioner Broesder explained that regulations can be imposed by the county if the project is a county project, however, commissioners have no control over other contracts in the county.
   The concerns of Kellogg and other residents have been discussed with County Attorney Mary Ann Ries, who is of the opinion that any regulations and or enforcement issued would need to be included in the contracts, not imposed after the project is underway.
   Ries indicated to the I-O on Monday that the trucks are running legal weight and staying within the speed limit.
   Ries is looking at provisions used by the state and/or other local governments regarding these issues. She affirmed her opinion that the issues will need to be addressed during the pre-contract state of projects and included in contact language.
   In the meantime, the commissioners will continue working with the county attorney for a resolution of the concerns of Kellogg. Nevertheless, apparently, the contractors do not have to be responsible for the results of their road use if they don’t overload and stay within the speed limit.
   In another matter, Ries advised the commissioners that the animal ordinance needs to be re-done to include language that would make it unlawful to harbor a vicious dog.