Centennial aluminum drive a big success

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter
Centennial aluminum drive a big success
ITB RECYCLING CONTAINER — ITB has generously built and donated this aluminum recycling container to the Pondera County Recycling Coalition. This receptacle will be at the Pondera Village Shopping Center and will hold aluminum cans when the “Can Van is being emptied and cleaned. I-O Photo by Barb Endler
   When the Pondera County Recycling Coalition (PCRC) set out to put on their second aluminum drive there was one goal in mind.  Let’s collect more aluminum than the 600 pound Whoop-Up drive last June.
   When Mike Townsend of Conrad Salvage and Recycling totaled the poundage, the Centennial Drive produced 781 pounds of aluminum, over 180 pounds more than the first drive.
   It seems the kinks have been worked out.  Thanks to Townsend and his “Can Van” the recycling effort has gained some steam.
   Community members have been asking if the van will be there for good or just for aluminum drives.
   PCRC has contacted Dan Felska, owner of Pondera Village Shopping Center who agreed to let the van stay on the corner of 6th and Main Street permanently as long as it is maintained on a regular basis.
   Another addition to the recycling family is a receptacle generously built and donated by ITB, this will also be used for aluminum when the van is being cleaned and emptied.  
   In addition to the aluminum recycling, the PCRC lead by Carey Monahan has started collecting paper at the Meadowlark school.  In just over two months over 5,500 pounds of paper products have been collected and saved from the landfill.
   The community is reminded that the first Friday of every month followed by the third Friday of every month are designated for newspaper and catalogs, magazines and phone books.
   There have been some problems with certain paper products being deposited in the wrong bins.  When you bring your recyclables to Meadowlark be sure and read the labels to find out which paper products go in which bins.  Stay tuned to the I-O for further information regarding the paper recycling effort.