Bruce Vincent, a third generation logger from Libby, will head up a new foundation dinner event for the Coalition for Common Sense Use (CCSU) on Jan. 9.

The dinner will take place in the Pondera Shooting Sports Building just west of the baseball complex with a social hour beginning at 6 p.m. and the dinner starting at 7 p.m.

For the past 20 years Vincent has given motivational speeches throughout the U.S. and the world, has testified on natural resource issues before Congress and has appeared on several TV news programs such as 60 Minutes.

“I have heard a lot of speakers and Vincent is the best I’ve ever listened to,” commented Rep. Llew Jones.

The CCSU is a new foundation that brings together eight groups of ATV users, mountain bikers, hikers, snowmobilers, horsemen and the multiuse recreationists, and others to put aside their differences and use common sense so that everyone is not shut out of federal and state lands.

Jones says, “We are a group of individuals that are willing to invest our time, energy, and knowledge from a broad area of Montana, representing all the multiuse disciplines and setting aside differences between us in order to make a positive difference with the use of public lands.”

Admittedly an eye opener to forming this coalition was the closing of the Two Badger Medicine area. Jones indicted no one ever thought it would be closed for use.

Vincent has been named Timberman of the Year in Montana, National Forest Activist of the Year, and the Agri-Women’s 2007 VERITAS award winner. This award is presented annually by American Agri-Women (AAW) to the person who has given public witness to “the pursuit of the truth” as it pertains to agriculture.

And, in 2004, Vincent received the inaugural Presidential Preserve America award from President Bush.

Married, he and his wife Patti Jo of more than 30 years, have four children.

His current activities represent a family commitment to responsible environmentalism.

For more information about the CCSU and ticket prices, call Jones at 271-3104.