High school eligibility for the record

By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

Lately there has been some confusion regarding the high school’s new rule concerning eligibility for extra-curricular activities.  To start with this decision was not made with haste.  The school staff had at least six meetings regarding the change in rules along with two school board meetings.

The coaches and board members also had the opportunity to attend the committee meeting.

The rule was passed at a July school board meeting and went into effect at the beginning of this school year.  The rules regarding eligibility can be found in the CHS student/parent handbook.

For the record a student with an F for a semester grade will not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for that week.  Eligibility will run weekly starting the Tuesday of the third week of each semester and continue into the first week of the second semester.

Each student will be allowed one probation period per semester.  Ineligible students will be allowed to practice for the activity but not be allowed to participate in the game or travel with the team.  Grades will be based on the student’s current semester grade in each class.

The grade report will be uploaded Monday morning.  The report will go in the Principal and Athletic Director mailbox.  The AD will then communicate with coach/sponsor which students will be ineligible.  The coach/sponsor will then communicate with the student Monday morning.

If there is still some confusion I will outline a couple of examples. The rule will only include the current semester grade.  The semester grade is made up of the two quarter grades and the semester test grade.  So if the student has an F in any week of the first quarter then they will be ineligible for that week.

If a student had a grade of 70 percent for the first quarter, but a grade of 55 percent for the second quarter they would be eligible, because their semester grade would be a 63 percent.

Also the probation period allows for one misstep.  If a student has an F and it is the first time that semester then they would be eligible that one time, the second week with an F would constitute ineligibility.

As always the student must meet the Montana High School Association academic eligibility requirement of passing four subjects the previous semester to be eligible for the next semester’s extra-curricular activities.

Editor’s Note:  For further information, contact either CHS Principal Ken Larson or Athletic Director Jim Carroll at CHS at 278-3285.