City explains policy on plowing

By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Monday evening the city council discussed a statement on the policy of plowing snow off of city streets.

In it, the city recognizes that the safe operation of motor vehicles is the responsibility of the driver.

Street plowing and sanding at intersections is done by city crews in order to help the driver with conditions of the streets.

However, drivers should not count on the streets being sanded or plowed at any given time.

Due to lack of funds, equipment failure(s) or other unforeseen conditions, sanding and plowing may not always be done.

Public Works Director (PWD) Richard Anderson explains that with the cost of sanding and plowing, overtime paid to city workers, equipment and material costs, dust control and sweeping, all have to be a consideration in plowing the streets.

The plowing of streets will begin during regular working hours as soon as possible after a snow storm.

Plowing will be determined by PWD Anderson and the lead street person, which may vary at times.

The areas to be plowed will be 2nd Ave. N. from Main Street to Wisconsin; Wisconsin from 2nd Ave. N. to Sunset Blvd.

From Central Ave. to Main Street will be plowed. Sunset Blvd., from Wisconsin to 4th Ave. S., Colorado from 4th Ave.  to Sunset Blvd., 7th Ave. S. from Main Street to Iowa Street., Iowa Street to 4th Ave. S., 3rd Ave. S. from Main Street to Illinois and Illinois from 3rd Ave. S. to 4th Ave. S.

The streets listed above will have a first priority to be plowed when they are determined to be needed.

Other streets may be plowed on an as needed basis.

Alleys will have a priority over other streets so that garbage trucks have access to trash containers.

It should be noted that driveways and vehicles blocked by plowing of streets and alleys are not the responsibility of the city.

For more information, contact PWD Anderson through the city at 271-3623.

In other business before the council, a proposed revision of the weed ordinance was sent to the city attorney, Bob Olson. More information on this will be presented at the next council meeting. Olson will incorporate old material with newer policy revisions and penalties for city approval.

Tentative approval was given for use of the ball fields for a benefit softball tournament on July 10-11. Final approval is contingent on the sponsor group obtaining liability insurance from the Lions Club.

More information on the benefit tournament will be forthcoming.

Local Government Services requested four days of use, Sept. 14-17, of Norley Hall at Blue Sky Villa was approved.

Chief Gary Dent reported that the department took in 161 calls in January. In part, the included 21 animal calls, two domestic situations, 15 assists with the ambulance crew, and two buildings found open. Currently there are six dogs and 18 cats in the pound.

PWD Anderson reported that city crews are working at ice and snow removal. The DEQ inspected the water plant and a new filter was needed at the cost of approximately $1,400.

The next regular meeting of the city council will take place on Feb. 16, 7:30 p.m. at city hall, 411-1/2 S. Main Street. Presidents Day, a national holiday, falls on Feb. 15.