The Front; it’s time to stand up

41_bald-eagleAMERICA’S SYMBOL OF FREEDOM  — This bald eagle has been hanging around east of Conrad since December and picture man Brian Robinson got this nice view as the majestic bird took in the surrounding area from the top of a tree.  Photo courtesy of Brian Robinson





By Jim Anderson

My sister died recently.   She went to see her doctor not feeling well on a Thursday and died the following Thursday.  They said it was acute leukemia.  She was 58.  Sudden death is always a shock to any family and ours isn’t any different.  As we sort it all out, I am thankful she was a Believer and is in Heaven as I pen these words.

As I reflect on recent events and think about whether I would rather be here or in Heaven then Heaven is my obvious choice.  My sister isn’t going to be faced with the problems socialism is bringing to our country.  She isn’t going to have to deal with a Congress run by greed and corruption.  She won’t have to deal with all the fall out this is causing us.  She won’t be around to see us decline as a Super Power.

For those of us still here we must become activists and get involved.  No longer can we stand on the sidelines of life and expect someone else to take care of it for us.  A recent news report stated that most Americans were willing to give up their rights if they knew they were protected.

I say protected from what?  My concern is who is going to protect me from the Government?  The constitution was written for just that reason.

Big Government is not our friend.  Giving up our rights would only spell impending doom.

History gives us some great examples of countries that have gone before us doing just that.  Communism and socialism worldwide has failed miserably and millions of people have died at the hands of the leadership of these countries.  We mustn’t allow smooth talking politicians to lull us to sleep while they pass legislation that continues to erode our personal freedoms.

At a recent meeting for the Coalition for Common Sense in Conrad, 300 of us gathered to rally for these very reasons.  We were challenged by Bruce Vincent from Libby to get involved.  He explained that none of us can eat an elephant by ourselves, but together with each taking a bite it is possible.  If we all will begin to make ripples it can become a tidal wave!  The Tea Party movement is a great example.  We need to band together and stand up against the radical environmentalists who are seeking to take away our way of life in rural America.

These radical environmentalists aren’t concerned that we may lose our farms, ranches, and businesses.  They need money to continue to support their organizations.  By scaring Americans into believing that we are destroying our environment they continue to fill their coffers with money from honest people who think they are giving to a good cause.   It isn’t any different than the hokey evangelists we have watched on TV over the years who convinced little old ladies to give their life savings to their “ministry”.  The little old lady never realized she was helping these people to live like kings on her life savings.

We have taken great care of the Rocky Mountain Front and Montana.  We must let the rest of America know of the great job we are doing.  We must educate them of the “hokey evangelists” of our day and stop them before our way of life is gone.  Together we can and will make a difference!

Editor’s note: Jim Anderson is a native of Montana, Choteau businessman and resident of the Rocky Mountain Front.




BADGER STATION CABIN  — Henry and Evelyn Endler visited the Badger-Two Medicine area on their ATV last October before the area was closed to motorized travel. At their age, there is no way they would be able to walk in on foot, Henry is 86 and Evelyn is 80. The beautiful scenery they were able to see during their day trip back to the cabin will never be forgotten.  On a personal note, their faces still beam when you mention the 4-wheeling trip they were able to take back into the cabin.  I-O Photo by Barb Endler






Concerned about the closing of Badger-Two Medicine

I am concerned and mad about the Forest Service closing the Badger-Two Medicine area in Montana to motorized vehicles.

I am 73 years old and still enjoy riding ATV’s and snowmobiles. My old body won’t let me backpack, snowshoe, or cross country ski anymore so ATV’s and snowmobiles are all I have left to enable me to enjoy the outdoors.

I rode in the Two Badger-Medicine area frequently, both summer and winter. It is the most beautiful place in Montana in which we ride.

Closing this area was like getting stabbed in the back.

I served my time in the U.S. Army and spent a year in Korea fighting to keep our country free. I’m wondering, is this keeping our country free?

I am now wondering what I was fighting for.

The most beautiful spots of the Badger-Two Medicine are 12 to 15 miles from the trailhead. I wonder if the people who got this area closed ever saw this part of the area?

When their bodies get old they may think about ATV’s or snowmobiles, but they won’t have any place to ride because they got it all closed.

Would they have closed this area if they had thought about the fact that their children and grandchildren some day would never be able to enjoy this beautiful place? Is this really right?

I’ve been locked out.

Richard Denning, Columbia Falls

Editor's Note:  The above letter to the editor was sent to us in regards to the closing of the Badger-Two Medicine area to all motorized vehicles and we felt it was necessary to put it with the editorial that we published in the paper this week.