CHS students learn about the ‘real world’ at Career Day

43_0124CAREER DAY  — Civil Engineer Mike O’Brien talks to students during Career Day at Conrad High School about the profession of being a Civil Engineer.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Students at the Conrad High School got a small dose of real world reality on Wednesday as a host of business people descended on the campus to talk to them about their varied professions.

The professions were widely diversified and gave students a clear and concise view of what to expect from each occupation.

For example, Dave Richardson  makes custom fitted kayaks, but was on hand to discuss the merits of being an EMT/Paramedic.

April Jones talked about the profession of being a social worker, Mike Hoggen from the USDA Wildlife Service discussed the values of being out with Mother Nature and Dede Brown, from Kronebusch Electric, talked about being an electrician.

If crunching numbers was your game, a session with Mark Gage, a Certified Public Accountant with Brown Fichtner and Associates PC was not to be missed.

Shawn Ostberg talked about being a diesel mechanic and Wayne Reynolds gave his views on being a director.

The high school’s own Ruth  Fladstol was on hand to talk about being a Media Specialist/Librarian. Gary Olson from Fish, Wildlife and Parks talked about his duties as a wildlife biologist and Quinn Kuka, also with FW&P spoke about her projects as a Game Warden.

Zack Styren touched on the art of bringing animals back “to life” as a taxidermy specialist. If you like music, the one session you did not want to miss was that of Wyle Gustafson, the yodeling and “Yahoooooo” master of music and entertainment. Rich Murack DC who has a chiropractic business also talked about being the trainer for the Cowboy football team and Cory Rilley from ITB, Intercontinental Truck Body was talking about the field of auto design.

Lori Judisch gave students a look into photography and graphic design, and RT Department Manager Renne Salois, RRT from the Pondera Medical Center gave a talk on sleep apnea. Also coming over from the PMC were Terri Redd and Nate Hjelm to discuss radiology (X-rays).

Doctor Jay Taylor, a family practician at the PMC was also on hand, as was   Mary Johns RN from Home Health, Jamyne Richardson PT, MHA and Jamey Williams, PT who rounded out the medical professionals who discussed their  jobs.

Pondera County Attorney Mary Ann Ries gave a session on being a lawyer and Van Motors provided the sessions with a mechanic to talk about automotive repair.

If you like animals, of any sort, small and large, you didn’t want to miss Mary Jane Kinyon talk about being a Veterinarian Technician. For those who like to get behind the wheel, a session with Josh Billmayer, a truck driver was a session not to be missed.

Kendall Griggs told students what it was really like to be a high school teacher. John McFarland and Heath Elings parted with information on what it is like to be a business owner, Brad Hicks talked about careers in the military and Ernie Ratzburg and Gary Gollehon gave their views on being a rancher or farmer respectively.

Andrew Fowler gave tips on being a welder and auto mechanic and Cowboy Coach Joe Moerkerke had the dean of high school football coaches in Montana, Jack Johnson from CMR in Great Falls to discuss his profession.

If you like food and who doesn’t, Joe Campbell from the newly opened Joe’s Family Steakhouse was there is tell you about being a chef. If you like to talk a lot, then a session with KSEN radio broadcaster Mark Daniels was just right for you.

Sandy Shirley, a Psychologist with the Big Sky Special Needs Cooperative talked about her special field and Chief Gary Dent talked about crime scene investigation and being a police officer.

Dave Trexlur, a paleontologist, the dealing with the science of life of past geological periods as known from fossil remains was an intriguing speaker.

Mike O’Brien talked about being a Civil Engineer and Tina Harwood discussed being a Cosmetologist.

Pam Wittmier, a former flight attendant talked about that high flying profession. She went from that to being the owner, with her husband Matt Wittmier, of 4 U Collision, an automotive body and paint shop in the Industrial Park.

Derek Swank from Swank Construction talked about the building profession, Tim Peterson touched on being an architect and while most people run away from fires, Chief Kevin Moritz was explaining why he runs into them, being a fire fighter and Chief of the local volunteer fire department.