Schlepp nominated as Student Council advisor of the year


SCHLEPP HONORED  — Cheryl Schlepp has been nominated as the Student Council Advisor of the Year at Conrad High School. She is also the advisor of Family Career and Community Leaders of America and, has announced she will retire after more than 30 years of teaching, 28 of them at CHS.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler





Cheryl Schlepp was recently awarded the Student Council Advisor of the year for District one.  She has also been nominated for the same award on the state level.

Schlepp has served as advisor for Student Council at CHS for 16 years.  She takes this responsibility very seriously because she feels so strongly about students developing leadership ability, strong moral character and academic achievement.

She is far more than just an advisor.  She has led leadership “lock ins” for the student council and other class officers.  She hosts all the student council meetings in her classroom, while making sure the students’ use Parliamentary Procedure.

Schlepp has taught at Conrad High School for 28 years.  She has taught Home Economics, which is now broken down into Nutrition, Independent Living, Family Living, Child Development, Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.

But she is so much more than a teacher. She has a quirky sense of humor and likes to have fun. She proved this with all the original skits she wrote for the Homecoming Pep Rally for so many years.  She helps with career fairs, career testing, and scholarships.   She has provided lunch for a hundred students for the FFA Crops/Mechanics Seminar for 20 years.  She has also worked in the concessions stand during football and basketball for at least 15 years.

Schlepp has seen major changes in Education during her years of teaching.

Schlepp comments on some of the changes, “Since I have began teaching we have seen an increased awareness of individual differences in students and a more challenging obligation to accommodate those differences.”

Because she feels so strongly about her students, she also serves as a Student Awareness facilitator at CHS. She works with the school counselor to intervene when a student needs help to overcome problems with grades or personal social issues.

Schlepp was instrumental in starting the Success in Reading classes at CHS this year.  She is one of three teachers who teach reading to students who struggle with reading and comprehension.

Schlepp is not only involved with Student Council; she is also advisor for FCCLA and she is advisor for National Honor Society.  She served as cheerleading advisor in the past.  She was honored as Conrad School District’s Teacher of the Year in 1998-1999 and was named Montana’s Teacher of the Year in 2000.

She has served as President of the Montana Association for Career and Technical Education and has served as President of the Family and Consumer Science division.  She served as Statewide Legislative Coordinator of the CTE Rotunda activity encouraging students to be involved in state government. She is also a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma honorary society for women educators.

Blake Pruttis, Student Council President commented, “Mrs. Schlepp is one of the hardest working members of our faculty and will be very hard to replace.”

He went on to say, “She has just announced her retirement at the end of this school year.  Student Council will miss her leadership and all the things she does behind the scenes that we are not even aware of.”

After her retirement she plans on spending more time with her grandchildren and focusing on her home life.

A lot of community members have been influenced by Schlepp in one way or another over the years.  If you see her make sure and let her know how much she has meant to the community of Conrad.  She will be missed at CHS.