UMS wrestlers gets another divisional win

48_ums-wr_7611DIVISIONAL CHAMPS   — The UMS wrestling squad won the divisional tournament in Shelby over the weekend. From the left in front are the stat girls, Danielle Moritz, Krisha McKinley, Alex Nesbo and Schuyler Shirley. In the second row are Parker Slezak, Garrett Moritz, Tyler Padilla, Morgan Koenig, Tyler Schultz, Hunter Mycke and Chris Morano. In the third row are Blaine Berg, Clark Judisch, Tyler Richter, Brandon French, Javan Carroll, Tristen Diedrich, James DeBoo, Dakota Suta, Hunter Nesbo and Coach Kevin Moritz. In the top are Austin Padilla, Assistant Coach Doug Moritz, Blake Underdahl, Dawson Berg and Cooper Dailey. Not pictured are Parker Larson, Colby Clark, Luke Fowler, Chaise Arrowtop and C.J. O’Connor. I-O Photo by Colleen Moritz




Once again the UMS wrestling team stepped up to the mats and the storied program brought home yet another first place trophy from the divisional meet.

Before the divisional meet, the team went down to Belt for a matchup tourney that included Fort Benton, Stanford/Geyser and Great Falls wrestlers. No team scores were kept.

Saturday the Buckaroos were in Shelby for their divisional meet with teams from Belt, Browning, Cascade, Chester, Cut Bank, East Glacier, Fairfield, Fort Benton, Heart Butte, Stanford/Geyser and Valier.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Kevin Moritz and Doug Moritz, assistant coach, the Conrad wrestlers blitzed the competition on their way to a championship.

“I was really happy for the team, they came to wrestle and did a good job,” commented Moritz.

The top four teams and scores looked like this: 1st Conrad 261; 2. Fairfield 247; 3rd Browning 162; and 4th Cut Bank 156.

Moritz noted that the team brought home three first place plaques; six-second places; two-third places; three-fourth places; and one-fifth place.

Following are the individual results and the wrestlers’ record for the year. For the five wrestlers who will be graduating, their UMS records are also included.

70-85 POUNDS

Austin Padilla 1-2, 4th, 10-14; Dawson Berg 2-1, 3rd, 14-10; Blake Underdahl 7-0, 1st, 32-1; Cooper Dailey 1-2, 1-2; Morgan Koenig 6-1 2nd 17-9, 31-26; James DeBoo 4-3, 4th, 13-13; Colby Clark 0-2, 7-17.

90-100 POUNDS

Blaine Berg 4-2, 2nd, 17-10; Parker Larson 0-3, 5-15; Tyler Padilla 5-3 4th, 13-12, 35-41; Lucas Fowler 2-1 2nd, 19-10; Parker Slezak 1-5, 2-15.

105-110 POUNDS

Dakota Suta 6-1, 2nd, 15-9; Clark Judisch 6-5; Hunter Nesbo 1-5, 3-19; Garrett Moritz 5-0 1st, 27-4, 58-35; Chase Arrowtop 0-2, 2-15.

115-135 POUNDS

Tristen Diedrich 5-3 5th, 16-6; Tyler Schultz 2-3, 10-18; Tyler Richter 5-1 2nd, 17-9; Javan Carroll 3-1 3rd, 8-8; Brandon French 6-0 1st, 25-2, 25-2; Christ Morano 2-1 2nd, 16-7.