Commissioners approve audit contract

At the regular meeting of the county commissioners on Wednesday, one part of business was to approve an audit contract.

On a unanimous vote commissioners approved the standard audit contract with Denning, Downey and Associates, (DD&A) CPA’s, PC for an audit period from June 11, 2009 through June 30, 2012.

The annual audit of the county, including the Port Authority, is anticipated to be a federal audit in each of the three years at the rate of $22,500 for FY-09/10; $23,320 for FY10/11 and $24,175 for FY11/12.

The Port Authority will reimburse the county for its share each year which is anticipated to be approximately $2,000 per year.

On a related matter, the commission moved and approved the additional services letter agreement with DD&A for the audit period from July 1, ’09 through June 30, ’12.

These extra services are the preparation and assistance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) compliance issues.

The first draw from the Neighborhood Stabilization Grant funds in the amount of $29,449.58 was approved. These funds are partial payments for the remodeling of the new Community Center.

An exaction agreement requested by Eric Gunderson to do excavation work on and under Lindero road, about one-half mile south of the termination of Sollid road and Lindero Road for the purpose of installing an underground livestock watering pipeline was approved.

Commissioner Cynthia Johnson  moved and Commissioner Joe Christiaens seconded to concur with a state of Montana Department of Transportation request to apply seal and cover on Sollid Road at the 18.8 mile marker to the end of the pavement.
Commissioners received and have been asked to comment to the state of Montana regarding the status of the Russian Olive as a plant and the need to declare the plant as a noxious weed, a regulated plant or leave its classification as a plant, as it is now.

The commissioners approved the purchase of two base radios for the Conrad and Valier road shops for a total of $1,864. In addition they also approved the purchase of a sheep’s foot roller for $23,500.

A sheep’s foot roller is the big piece of equipment one sees that has a smooth round roller. The purchase of these items were included in the FY-09/10 budget.

Before the regular meeting the commissioners met with Mike Waite a Field Representative for Denny Rehberg. He was on hand to talk about any concerns the commission might have and relay them to Rehberg in Washington, D.C.

Chairman Sandy Broesder wondered what the impact would be on the medical center and clinic if the new health bill passed.

Waite commented by saying, “I would answer that by asking you, how is it going to impact the county?” At this time, he couldn’t answer any specific questions.

Commissioner Johnson noted, on a related matter to the health bill, that Speaker Nancy Palosi made the comment, “You have to pass this bill before you know what’s in it.”

Asked if she really said this, Johnson affirmed that she did.