PCRC moving to new location

49_0254NEW RECYCLING CENTER  — The Pondera County Recycling Center has recently leased this building at 116 South Dakota Street from Custom Crop Care as a new home for the paper recycling effort.  Stockman Bank has donated $1,000 grant for repairs to the roof.  Paper recycling is scheduled to begin at the new facility on April 10.  I-O Photo by Adam Jerome



By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

The Pondera County Recycling Coalition (PCRC) has been hard at work bringing a stable recycling initiative to Pondera County.

In a little less than a year the communities of Pondera County have recycled or properly disposed of over 13,500 pounds of paper, 1,500 pounds of aluminum and 2,900 pounds of pesticides.  This effort has saved precious space in the landfill for further generations to utilize.

The recycling coalition couldn’t have enjoyed these successes without the many citizens and volunteers donating their time and energy for this worthy cause.

For example, the Conrad School District donated the use of their property (Meadowlark School) as a recycling drop-off point.  Carey Monahan, Cindy Fuson, MaryAnn Taylor, Mike Townsend and ITB have set up recycling bins throughout the community.  Ron and Juanita Prewett and Conrad Building Center have donated their time moving the full bins to Frontline Ag for storage.  And Megan Heinen has been gracious enough to pick up the paper at the Horizon Lodge.

There are many more “Good Samaritans” that have helped along the way but are too numerous to name.

In the near future PCRC will be moving the recycling drop-off point to a new location.  Custom Crop Care has leased a storage building to the PCRC, located at 116 S. Dakota St.on the west side across the tracks.  It needs to be noted that Custom Crop Care has leased the building to PCRC at a more than generous price of $1 a year.

There is much work to do to get the building in proper order.  The recycling coalition is taking the money earned through paper and aluminum sales along with a grant of $1,000 given by Stockman Bank to make the necessary improvements.

Conrad Building Center has also been extremely gracious in donating and offering fair prices for the materials for the repairs to the new acquired structure.

A work day has been scheduled on April 10 with the hope of having the building ready by the April 16 recycling day.

Examples such as these prove that a community is truly the sum of its parts.

For more information on recycling contact LeAnn Hermance at (406) 271-4040 or Adam Jerome at (406) 271-5561.