Matheson scores KO at Conrad Smoker


LITTLE KID BOXERS  — Kyle Richter and Nolan Taule put on a boxing exhibition of “Little Boxers” at the Wrestling Club-Lions Club Smoker on Friday evening. Their match ended in a draw.  I-O photo by Buck Traxler




By Adam Jerome, I-O Reporter

On Friday night, the Conrad Wrestling Club and the Conrad Lion’s Club sponsored the 7th annual Conrad Smoker at the new high school gym.  While there were only seven bouts there was enough action to keep the entire crowd entertained.

Jim Sargent played the role of ring announcer and kept the crowd involved between the bouts with jokes and introductions.

Bobby LeCoure, as always, performed his referee duties admirably as he kept a close eye on these young competitors.

The ring people included, Katie Dulmage, Caitie Bach, Jasmine Hilyard, Whitney Bliss, Alex Widhalm and Riely Denson.

The evening started off with Hilyard performing a nice rendition of the National Anthem.

The first fight of the night involved Luke “The Duke” Schlosser taking on the much bigger Austin “Wild Man” Wagner.

Schlosser opened the match quickly as he moved close and tried to nullify Wagner’s reach.  Schlosser proceeded to end the fight with a flurry that won him the split-decision.

In the second matchup, Johnny “Jabben” Schlosser beat up Nathen “Nasty Nate” Carlson of Malta.  While there was very little technique employed it was a very entertaining fight none the less.

Schlosser knocked down his opponent in the first round and then again at the end of the second with a barrage of haymakers, before notching the unanimous decision.

The third fight saw Conrad handed its only loss.  “Dynamic” Devin VandenBos was easily outpointed by Dylan “The Ghost” Bouma of Choteau.

The fight lasted all three rounds, but Bouma was clearly the most experienced and technical fighter at the event as he went on to win the unanimous decision.

After intermission the audience was treated to a “little guy” matchup between Kyle Richter and Nolan Taule.  The rounds were shortened to 30 seconds each and the boys fought splendidly on their way to a draw.

The fourth bout saw Henry “Hank the Tank” Oyler from Malta win a defensive matchup with TJ “The Terrific” DeBoo from Valier.

With the evening winding down, “Slammen” Sam Larson took on Noah “The Hit Man” Harms from Malta.

Larson drew blood early in a very close fight and continued to work.  The blood must have counted for quite a bit, because Larson was handed the unanimous decision.

The last fight was easily the best of the evening as Boyd “Iron Hands” Matheson destroyed Josh “Brick House” House of Shelby in one round.

The first and only round began with House throwing a lot of punches early.  Matheson then landed a huge right hook that floored House.  Matheson running on adrenaline and excitement towered over a fallen House before LeCoure instructed him back to his corner.

After House got back to his feet, Matheson cornered him and landed hook after hook.  House appeared to be out on his feet, before LeCoure quickly stepped in and stopped the fight with eight seconds left in the round.  A noticeably pumped up Matheson was credited with a first round knockout.