Mosxona making a bid for House legislative seat

50_moskona304By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Editor’s note: A similar profile ran last week in the Valierian. Her profile was used from one developed by the I-O over the years and without attribution.

Candidate profiles are run on a first-come-first served basis. Her profile was done three weeks ago, but is now being run. While it may look like it came out of the Valierian, it didn’t and they should have acknowledged this.

Athena Mosxona (Pronounced Moss-Ko-Na, X is like a K) has always set her goals high.

And when approached to run for political office in the state house, she wasn’t fazed one bit.

Mosxona, a first time legislative candidate, is running on the Democratic ticket. She is, however, not new to running a political race having served two terms on the school board in Heart Butte.

She was born and raised in Freeport, Ill., and received a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters from Illinois State University in Education with a major in art.

She taught audiovisual courses at Illinois State and supervised the Audio visual Laboratory there.

Mosxona left the university to go to work for the Office of Public Instruction as a media consultant and then went to work as a federal consultant at Dunwoody Industrial Institute in Minneapolis where she helped train vocational instructors.

She worked on a doctorate degree in school administration at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. At Eastern Montana College she taught photography and supervised the Audiovisual Laboratory.

She lived in Heart Butte for over 20 years and operated Thompson’s Convenience store and was also the Postmaster.

During her tenure on the school board she was instrumental in the completion of the new high school.

Other community projects included campaigning for and gaining one-party phone service in Heart Butte and campaigning for and raising money for a new Catholic church. With friends in the area they started a watercolor club in 1976 and members continue to meet to this day.

She has served as vice chairman of the Sisters Constantine Helen Church in Great Falls. She was a member of Gallery 16 in Great Falls and is a member of the Montana Watercolor Association.

“Presently,” she tells the I-O, “I am studying Byzantine Iconography using the old method of painting with egg tempera.” She has done several large paintings for the Hold Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Freeport. Mosxona donates prints and original art to many community projects adding, “I have a small frame shop in my garage where I frame and refinish antique furniture.”

Having taught students at the college level and served on the school board, education is near and dear to her heart.

“We must provide a good education for our children so they can compete in the job market,” she says. She went on to emphasize, “Protection and enhancement of our education system is my primary goal.”

She noted that most small town school districts are the main employers, and protecting and enhancing the educational system would be one of her goals.

She goes on to add, “Also supporting existing small businesses is vital. New jobs are very important to our country as well as protecting those already established.”

She is also in favor and supportive of any responsible energy development and training for jobs in those fields.

Mosxona says too, “I have always been interested in and concerned about our political process. This is a great country we live in and we need to preserve our democratic system.”

Her parents emigrated to the U.S. from the Island of Samos in Greece. Mosxon’s father was a Democratic precinct chairman in Illinois.

Family is important to her. She has a son who is studying law in Missoula and a grandson. Other outside interests of hers include hiking, photography, reading mysteries and religious books, cooking, making wine, antiquing, painting in many different mediums and, she is an avid bridge player.