Melhus tosses hat into ring

51_melhusBy Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

Not a stranger to the political arena, Keith T. Melhus, age 50, is running for a seat in the State House of Representatives, HD-27, formally held by Rep. Llew Jones.

Melhus is running as a declared Republican and is challenging fellow Republican Rob Cook.

Readers may recall that Melhus was a candidate for the Mayor of Conrad.

He tells The I-O. concerning that election, “I personally feel that I succeeded, not failed, since my goals were achieved and you (the public - benefited from my designs, expense and activities – meaning that you now have an elected, not appointed mayor and were presented with a choice for your vote, even if it wasn’t a vote for me.”

He says he is a moderate centrist who, “Refuses to be sucked into the dysfunctional radicalism found on either end, but exhibits characteristics from the middle in both directions as I see moral and fit.”

In other words, he will vote his conscience and look for the greater good.

A fourth (maybe sixth) generation Montanan. “Melhus” he says, is an Americanized derivation of a tribal name from Norway, Miehuis. He came to Conrad after he purchased a house off of the Internet.

He graduated with high honors and a two-year law degree (Paralegal-Legal Asst.) from Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno.

“I was going to go to law school at UNLV, but got displaced and discarded along the way by institutionalized wickedness in the form of, at best, incompetence,” he noted.

“The point is” he says, “I’m not a loser and never have been, I just march to a different drummer who was once called the Christ by title, not name, but I did take the time and made the effort to read the copious legal treatises, texts, analysis, and codifications.

I can read and do understand the intricacies and often vagaries of the plethora of often archaic laws as they exist on the books in America and have formed my own opinions as to why they do, and often don’t work for the people.”

Melhus notes that he has completed over 160 credit hours at other institutions in the areas of religion(s), American history, business and electronics and depending how  you add it up, with military experience, he has 200-plus credits at the college level.

“I swim well in deep waters as well as in the shallows and frankly, I would prefer if you came up to my level instead of me always having to come down to yours, as applicable.”

He says he has no agenda of his own, “save for trying to make this nation and planet by extension, into what I grew believing it was once supposed to be.”

He went on to add,  “Since the mortgage on  my mind (student loans) is the only one debt remaining I have no debts owed to anyone and as such cannot have my opinions or my vote purchased by any powers that be. I am a pragmatic rationalist which basically means by my definition that I hold out hope for ideals but understand reality.”

Melhus makes one promise and that is to, “Try and do the best for the most using the least as best I can within my position, power, and abilities.”

In closing Melhus says, “I personally feel 100 percent that I am the better candidate, and possibly the best, for the job given my education and experiences, and I want this job.”

“Vote your conscience, but I’d appreciate your vote on June 8 for the Primary,” he said.