Players at play with ‘Play On!’

The Pondera Players are preparing to present the comedy Play On! which is a play within a play. It concerns a community theatre group, such as the Pondera Players, trying desperately to put on a play, even though the authoress of the play keeps revising the script up to opening night.

The first act is a rehearsal of the dreadful play. The second act is a near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the third act is the actual performance where anything that can go wrong ... does!

This show gives a very real insight into what actually occurs, at times, in getting a show ready for presentation. The results are hilarious.

The cast is made up of many favorites of the Players stage, and three new faces will be seen in this production.

Jodi Kassner plays the part of Aggie Manyville, the stage manager/prompter.  Sue Moss is “Gerry” Dunbar, the director.

Dick Kinyon is Henry Benish portraying  “Lord Dudley” Kit Finlayson is Polly Benish portraying “Lady Margaret” Elizabeth Arends is “Smitty” Smith playing Doris the maid. Colin Veitch is Saul Watson portraying the  “Villain” Dr. Rex Forbes.

Wendy Paulsen is Louise Peary, the sound and lighting technician.

The three new faces are: Michael Nelson as Billy Carewe portraying Stephen Cellers.  Stephanie Nelson as Violet Imbry Portraying Diana Lassiter. Melody Campbell as Rachael Montague, the very irritating playwright.

Director Wayne Reynolds made the comment that “If the audience has as much fun as the cast is having rehearsing, a great time will be had by all.  He comes to us by way of Valier where he and his wife Judy were 30 year residents. They founded the Valier Community Theatre. He is also a retired drama professor of 26 years at the University of Great Falls and is currently the assistant drama coach at the Conrad High School.

If you like to laugh (and who doesn’t) come and spend and enjoyable evening watching Play On!

It is being presented at Norley Hall, April 29-May 1.  Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door.