Students teaching students

04_6841SCIENCE DAY  — Gifted and Talented Teacher Karen Lee, checks in with Bridger Russell and his project during Science Enrichment Day at Meadowlark School. UMS students Mariah Bitney and Cari Lytle were teaching about animals.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




Friday, under the direction of Karen Lee, the Gifted and Talented instructor at UMS, seventh and eighth grade students from the middle school were getting in a hand on the teaching experience for Science Enrichment Day at Meadowlark School.

The Science and Computers instructor at UMS, Monica Tomayer, also helped out in the project with supplies and teaching tips.

During the day at Meadowlark the UMS students, in teams of two to four, instructed and taught the younger grade kids about a wide variety of science projects.

Logan Gouchenour and Seth Moerkerke showed their groups about the inter-action of chemical reactions.

Deidre Mecham, Molly Gianarelli, Taylour Russell and Skylar Stenson showed students how color reacts under various conditions.

Morgan Koenig and Quinn Gianarelli used Leggo cars and a ramp with smooth and rough textures to learn about friction.

Jake Bender and Becky Brown taught about strategy and logic.

Javan Carroll, Tyler Richter and Jack Grubb had students make aluminum boats and then fill them with coins to see how many they could get before it sank. C.J. O’Connor and Nicole Sasek also taught about floating and sinking.

Cari Lytle and Mariah Bitney talked about animals, Kaylea Killion and Josh Ashworth explained the “light” subject of matter.

Cashley Redd and Andrea Awtrey explained and talked about the poles of magnets.

Will Early, Kendra Fischer and Alex Treibet explained the field of force and gravity.

Lee explained that Science Enrichment Day was a winner for everyone, noting it was a good way to get younger kids interested in science.

For the UMS students it not only reinforced their knowledge but taught them to be patient and friendly with the young students.