‘Ringling Five’ return to Conrad

05_r-5RINGLING FIVE  — OK, it’s actually seven in the band, but they are still called the Ringling 5.  They will be the lead-in show for the Whoop-Up weekend at the Orpheum Theatre-Wiegand Auditorium for two performances on June 3.  Courtesy Photo




The Ringling Five renowned singing, jokin’ fun-lovin’ ranchers from the Wilsal and Shield Valley will perform again at the Orpheum Theatre/Wiegand Auditorium in June.

Sponsored by the Pondera Arts Council (PAC), Larry Lovely and his Baby Boomer Cowboys will bring their unique blend of cowboys’ music, jokes and stories to Conrad on June 3 for two shows at 6-8 p.m.

Lovely, Don Siefert, Chuck Dallas, Don Oberquell, Ron, Les, and Ken Arthum have performed as the Ringling Five all over the U.S.

The groups started 30 years ago bringing lighthearted entertainment to their local communities. Their popularity soon spread and over the years they have performed in New York, Florida, Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska and of course Montana.

Don’t expect them to reminisce about the old days, however, their repertoire features up-to-the minute highlights of what life in the West is really about today together with their Norwegian interpretation of what life could – or maybe should – be like!

You don’t want to miss this tongue-in-cheek modern commentary on the Wild West – maybe not so wild any more but the way the Ringling Five see it, it sure is funny.

So there’s seven of them? Well, that’s a bonus! Tickets will be available at the Orpheum. Kids under five are free.

OK, it’s a Thursday, but can you think of a more fun way to spend a Thursday leading into the Whoop-Up weekend in Conrad?

Saddle up and head out for the Orpheum for Ringling Five fun.