County, Valier agree to two-year law term

At their regular business meeting on Wednesday the county commissioners moved to approve an agreement between the Town of Valier and the county to provide law enforcement services for two years.

Valier will pay the county $53,000 annually for two years for law enforcement services by the county’s public safety department (PCSO).

In other business, the commissioners moved to approve the state of Montana Intergovernmental agreement for the transfer of monies to the state FY-2010.

There was some discussion with John Stokes, road supervisor on the status of bids for new motor graders.

The bid opening is scheduled for June 9 and since the publication of the notice seeking bids, Caterpillar contacted the commissioners requesting that they pull the bid request as they are unable to buy back the graders the county currently has as the lease purchase agreement is not at least 36 months old.

Caterpillar has offered to cover the machines currently being leased to the county with a full warranty for five years at no cost to the county.

No decision was reached at the meeting and further discussion will be conducted at a later date.

A letter agreement was approved with Denning, Downey and Associates for GASB #45 in preparation for services for FY2009-10 at a cost of $1,000.

Commissioner Cyndi Johnson moved to approve the Amendment #8 to WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Program satellite agreement providing that the county will receive an additional $280 to be used to promote the increase of fruits and vegetables in the diets of Montana’s WIC participants. The motion passed with a second by Joe Christiaens.

The commission moved to re-appoint Dan Majerus, president of Stockman Bank to the county compensation board. The term is for three years.

The commissioners also moved to appoint and re-appoint members to the Pondera Medical Center trustee board.

A new board member will be Betty Cooper while chairman Ted Kronebusch and director Cheryl Bakken were appointed for three year terms.

The post election audit committee members were also appointed and they include Georgia Snortland, Cheryl Curry and Stephanie Keil-Harris.

Rita Christiaens was re-appointed to the Russell County Tourism Advisory board, serving as one of the county’s three representatives.

On a second by commission chairman Sandy Broesder, an excavation agreement requested by the Pondera County Canal and Reservoir Company to engage in excavation on and under the Belgian Church Road for the purpose of installing irrigation pipe was passed.