Port Authority program on home upgrades

09_7442BEAUTY PROJECT  — From the left, Conrad beautification committee members Stephanie Moerkerke, Bev Widhalm, Catherine Kellogg, and Betty Olson show off one of the 12 new aggregate planters they were able to put around the city. Funding for the planters came from an EDC grant and leftover funds from the Conrad Centennial Committee.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




Nearly a year ago, Pondera County was awarded a Community Development Block Grant –Neighborhood Stabilization Program (CDBG-NSP) through the Department of  Commerce.

The Pondera Regional Port Authority (PRPA) has been the Program Administrator for this program, which has as its purpose to help communities revitalize their neighborhoods.

In becoming involved in this program, the Port Authority had hoped to buy run down property, use local contractors to renovate the house, and put a nicer home on the market to help provide housing for low and moderate income families.

While the program has not unfolded exactly as envisioned by the Port Authority, there has been moderate success and the Port will soon have a home available for purchase by a qualified family.  The program focuses on providing homes for families that fall at or below 120 percent AMI with the first 25 percent of the projects required to target low income families.

Under this program a blighted home was purchased in Brady.

This home has now been demolished with a new foundation replaced by local contractors.  The new manufactured home will be delivered before July 1.

The program does offer several financial assistance programs to help Low and Moderate Income families purchase the home.  The level of assistance is based on financial need.

Any program income from the sale of the property will then be used for other qualified NSP homes as identified and authorized by the Department of Commerce.  It is hoped that at least one more home can be purchased through the program.

Any person(s) interested in purchasing the home in Brady or having questions regarding the program should contact Cheryl Curry at the PRPA at 271-7237.