RMRC 6th annual Rocky Mountain Ride race results


IN THE AIR  — On Sunday, the Rocky Mountain Riders Club hosted the HCMA Motocross event.  Tanner Dyer of Brady gets some air on his way to a second place finish in the ATV Pro race.  I-O Photo by Adam Jerome



Mother Nature was shining down upon the Rocky Mountain Riders Club as they hosted the 6th annual Rocky Mountain Ride on June 20 at the RMRC track.

The racing started around 9:15 a.m. with the ATV riders taking to the track and concluded with the last moto of the Ironman and Unclassified classes at 5 p.m.

The following results are from the various races throughout the day:

ATV Beginner: Howard Smith, Great Falls, 1st; AJay Dyer, Brady, 2nd and Chad Dosch, Cut Bank, 3rd.

ATV Intermediate: Jason Garrison, Great Falls, 1st and Blayne Underdahl, Conrad, 2nd.

ATV Expert: Tanner Dyer, Brady, 1st; Rick Higdon, Polson, 2nd and Rick Helm, Polson, 3rd.

Little Tykes: Alyssa and Natalie Bartsch, Brady; Jackson Bakken, Missoula; Jeremiah and Leif Myskewitz, Belt; Mason Burrington, Helena and Taya Dyer, Brady.

125 Intermediate (motorcycle): Devin VandenBos, Conrad, 1st.

250 Junior (motorcycle): Justin Trost, Great Falls, 1st.

Vet + 350 Intermediate (mc): Joe Robbins, Helena, 1st; Brad Bell, Col. Falls, 2nd and Andy Upton, Col. Falls, 3rd.

ATV Run What Ya Brung: Tanner Dyer, Brady, 1st; Higdon, Polson, 2nd and Helm, Polson, 3rd.

Vet + 30 Junior (mc): Chet Garrison, Belt, 1st; Mike Chappell, Livingston, 2nd and Travis Myskewitz, Belt, 3rd.

125 Junior (mc): D. VandenBos, Conrad, 1st; Cody Preitauer, Conrad, 2nd, and Walter Waldner, Cut Bank, 3rd.

250 Intermediate: Aaron White, Shelby, 1st.

Beginner (all sizes mc): Chad Dosch, Cut Bank, 1st; Ray Wilson, Browning, 2nd and Cold Wilson, Browning, 3rd.

Enduro Intermediate (mc with lights): Ken Foran, Helena, 1st; Paul Foran, Helena; 2nd and Randy Burrington, Helena, 3rd.

Enduro Junior (mc with lights): Tyler Myskewitz, Belt, 1st and Mick Myskewitz, Belt, 2nd.

Run What Ya Brung (mc): Jason Taylor, Cut Bank, 1st and Eli Knobel, Conrad, 2nd.

All Mini Class (65cc-100cc mc): Luke Fowler, Blake Underdahl, Eli Knobel, and Tristen Diedrich, Conrad; Tyler Huber and Owen Ostberg, Dutton, Rowdy White, Shelby; Austin Taylor, Galata; Ashyln and Portia Taylor, Cut Bank; Curtis Burrington and Gus Hanson, Helena.

Women Beginner (mc): Bobbi Foran, Helena, 1st.

Senior + 45 Junior (mc): Higdon, Polson, 1st; Chappell, Livingston, 2nd and K. Foran, Helena, 3rd.

Senior + 45 Intermediate (mc): Joe Robbins, Helena, 1st and Paul Foran, Helena, 2nd.

Vintage (pre 1987 mc): J. Taylor, Cut Bank, 1st.

Ironman (5 races that are 45 minutes each): Andrew Fowler, Conrad, 1st and Spencer Morris, Choteau, 2nd.

Unclassified (mc): C. Preitauer, Conrad, 1st.

Editor's Note: Additional information can be obtained on their website www.rmrcconrad.com