Next Year Country, is this our future

The Pondera Arts Council is proud to present the grand premier of Next Year Country at the Orpheum Theatre/Weigand Auditorium on July 1.

It is the story of three Montana families, struggling to survive in a world constantly changing climate and economy in which they resort to unconventional methods to attempt to preserve their livelihood.  One of these methods involves hiring a rainmaker to save their farms from an unrelenting drought.

The film deals with the problems facing three multi-generational families, the Furhmans, Gollehons and the Hills.

Their problems encompass the collapse of rural economies, the closing of schools, and the steady migration of Montana’s young people to cities and towns in search of lucrative employment.

These are problems facing Montanans today and Next Year Country presents them in a factual and fascinating documentary which encompasses the past two decades of Montana’s precipitous decline.

To the rhythm of everyday life on the farm, Next Year Country takes you on a journey down the graveled back roads of America’s endangered heartland.

Next Year Country’s director producer, Joe Aguerrie will attend the grand premier.  The program is being hailed as a vivid experience and timely glimpse into this vital yet fast disappearing facet of traditional American life.

A donation per person is all that is asked and all movie proceeds will go toward acquiring digital projection equipment so that the Orpheum Theatre/Weigand Auditorium can continue showing the latest movies and features.