Committee disperses funds to entities around Conrad

10_7472By Buck Traxler, I-O Editor

The Conrad Centennial Committee (CC) gathered together well before the city celebrated its’ 100th anniversary last year and had events going on right up to the day of the “Big Clock” unveiling on Main St. which drew well over 1,000 folks.

Through their continued efforts it seemed everyone caught the centennial spirit and helped Conrad welcome in a start on another 100 years.

Marla Bruner, chairman of the committee, commented, “Seeing all the people at every event made all the months of planning worthwhile. We honored the past; celebrated the present and embraced the future.”

The committee was comprised of Bruner, Betty Olson, Catherine Kellogg, Mayor John Shevlin, Betty Olson, Terry Utterback, George and Cheryl Tornga, Barbie Killion, Janette VanLuchene, Bev Widhalm, Everett Snortland, Bob Moritz, Alice Garman, Byron Grubb, Jodie Weisgram, Linda Sanders and Joel Farkell.

The Centennial Committee had one more chore to take care of and that was to disperse left over funds.

There was approximately $13,000 total and a number of entities received a portion of that funding.

Following is where the final funding went to, however, the exact amount was not disclosed.

The Conrad Main St. Beautification project was one. Twelve street planters were purchased and placed around the city putting a splash of color by the businesses.

Acknowledging that both the Conrad Volunteer Fire Department and the Pondera County EMT’s are such a valuable asset to our community, a donation was made and designated for training to both departments.

For their dedication in getting the “Big Clock” in order and ready for the 100 year celebration, funds went out to the Pondera History Association and were designated for the upkeep and maintenance of the town clock.

And, last but not least, the Conrad Recycling Project was awarded funding. Bruner noted, “What a wonderful way to show your pride for our community and future generations.”

The CC will live on through the dedicated efforts of the entities they have donated funding to.