Canvas of primary election approved by commissioners

11_storm-7549SCENIC BEAUTY  — Thunder bumpers were building up all around the city over the weekend, like this one southwest of town just past the golf course.  I-O Photo by Buck Traxler




The commissioners approved the canvas vote of the June 8 primary election conducted on June 21.

The canvas of votes was conducted by Commissioner Joe Christiaens, Clerk of Court Kara Thompson, and Kristi Robertson, deputy treasurer.

Elected by acclamation at the election were Democratic and Republican precinct committee people.

On the Democratic side from Precinct 24 (PCT), Wanda Bandow and Larry Boettcher were elected.

On the Republican side, from PCT 19 was Cindie Vandenberg, PCT 23 Ali Newkirk and Jack Hayne, PCT 24 Louise Glimm and Ken Johnson, PCT 27 Wendy Judisch and Ted Kronebusch, PCT 28 Patti and Lyle Orcutt, PCT 34 Mary Lake, and PCT 35 Jacqueline and Ken Wheeler.

In other business, the commission discussed the renewal of a contract with Jim Yeagley of the Land Planning Contract (LPC) for survey and subdivision review. The county received another proposal from Stahly Engineering.

Commissioners, after a review of the new proposal moved not to renew the current LPC and proceed to enter into a contract for services with Stahly Engineering.

Yeagley’s fee was based on  a per month amount, regardless of activity. Stahly proposed a per survey or subdivision fee, not a monthly flat rate.

The commissioners also moved and approved a contract between the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the county for an energy efficiency grant in the amount of $200,000 for upgrades at the community and Senior Center currently under remodel.

The funds are available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Funds will be used for new energy efficient windows and doors, wall and roof insulation rooftop HVAC unit, hot water heaters, plumbing fixtures, interior light fixtures and parking lot lighting at the Center.

Resolution 33, dealing with forgiveness of repayment of inter-fund loan to the Port Authority was passed. The County Commissioners, from time to time, have determined it to be in the best interest of the county to authorize loans from one fund to another.

An interfund loan from the general fund to the PA fund in the amount of $14,962.50, R-33, was passed.

Commissioners approved the request of Jordan VanDyke to encroach on the county road right-of-way on Kelly Road for the purpose of installing an approach on the right side of the road.

An agreement was passed for forage removal with Monroe Brothers on the east and west sides of Blue Sky Road and west half-mile from Don Monroe to Campbell places on Swanson Road.

A forage removal agreement with Roger Christiaens on east and west sides of the north half-mile of Christiaens Road was also approved.

An excavation request  from Robert Sill to engage in excavation on and under the west side of Swanson Road for the purpose of installing a PVC suction line for an irrigation pump was approved by the commissioners.

And, R-36 was passed by the commissioners as well.

Generally accepted standard for governmental accounting does not allow for negative cash balances in any fund at the close of the fiscal year.

The county has several funds with a negative cash balance as of June 30, due to the nature of the funds as reimbursable grant funds.

The county general fund has sufficient cash to loan the funds having negative cash balance money so as not to have a deficient cash balance.

These funds will repay the general fund as soon as feasible.

The county commissioners meet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. for a regular business meeting. The public is always invited to attend these meetings